jewelstube — January 6, 2015 at 7:00 am

Video: the Bulgari Snakes

There are few collections that live years, very few ones that remain current after a couple of decades, rare ones that look new after age 70: it’s the case of the Bulgari Snakes. Founded in 1940, bracelets and watches in the shape of a snake of Roman fashion house have become one of the most emblematic of Bulgari. For this, the brand which is now under the banner of the French group LVMH, never tires of repurposing. The animal that is the symbol of sin has also become the symbol of beauty and sex appeal. Not least, the snake was also a symbol adopted by the ancient Egyptians, as the Romans and the Greeks. No coincidence that the founder, Sotirio Bulgari, was a native of Greece. Collection jewels Snakes worn by Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of Cleopatra, in 1962, but also by Marisa Berenson and Diana Vreeland, have reinforced the myth of this collection, which has become a perpetuum mobile, something that does not end while is renewing . Now the Snakes of Bulgari are celebrated in a movie that highlights all their complex refinement. F.G.

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