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A reality show on the world of jewelry? The idea came from Pablo Civademila, Spanish designer and owner of a shop in Pontevedra in Galicia: «Around there are many format of cars, motorcycles, tattoos, weddings, but nothing that speaks about goldsmiths, and I wanted to make a program about my work, that suits me fine because it has no barriers», Civademila told the press, who has a history of himself unusual for tenacity, courage and optimism. In a wheelchair since the age of four due to a car accident, with a lot of determination he has become a very good swimmer, so as to participate in the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London and win a gold medal and three bronzes. His philosophy of life is: if you can dream it, you can. The profession of goldsmith has arrived for both the passion of the design and processing of gold and for the characteristics of the craft, very congenial to people used to rely on their own hands. The case then would have it, the production company, Fremantle Media, was looking for a Paralympic athlete for a program, which brought the format to Discovery Max. Result? A series of five episodes, baptized 24 Kilates, ie 24 carats, broadcast every week at 22 pm, the iberian prime time. Each episode a jewel, its history and that of those who commissioned and how to conduct a family, because if Pablo is the creative soul, the brothers are the motor trade. The first one  with a request to say the least extravagant, a sex toy gold for sale at a charity auction. To achieve it have been necessary hundred hours of work and cost about 5,000 Euros, but Civademila think that could also be sold to 20 thousand euro. Giulia Netrese

Pablo Cimadevila, dal suo profilo Twitter
Pablo Cimadevila, dal suo profilo Twitter


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