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The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra for sale

The $ 1 million Fantasy Bra seen at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018. A cheaper version will be on sale ♦ ︎

A $ 1 million bra. ItsThe price of the diamonds that make up the bra made by Atelier Swarovski for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 was staged in New York. The bra-jewel, which changes every year, is called Fantasy Dream Angels 2018. This year the Fantasy Bra, which is the highlight of the show, had a particular story, because the lingerie company decided to work with sustainable materials.

It took more than 930 hours to make the bra-jewel.

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra
Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

For the first time, in fact, artificial diamonds were chosen. The Fantasy Bra 2018 is composed, in fact, of over 2,100 diamonds created in the laboratory for Swarovski. The wearable jewel has, however, also natural stones, such as topazes, although extracted responsibly. At the center, however, there is a central artificial stone of over 71 carats created by Swarovski. Moreover, this year there is something new: you can buy a version of the Fantasy bra made with Swarovski crystals (no diamonds, of course). It will cost 250 dollars. Lavinia Andorno

Adriana Lima, 39 anni, per lei l'ultima sfilata come angelo di Victoria's Secret
Adriana Lima, 39 anni, per lei l’ultima sfilata come angelo di Victoria’s Secret

Elsa Hosk ha indossato il Fantasy Bra
Elsa Hosk ha indossato il Fantasy Bra

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