Anello con opale, tanzaniti, diamanti, zaffiri gialli
Anello con opale, tanzaniti, diamanti, zaffiri gialli

The treasure of Omi Privé

From Burma to the USA: the surprising stones and jewels of the Maison Omi Privé ♦

The rubies of Burma are the most precious. No wonder, then, that in the country of Southeast Asia are born expert gemologists. As Omi Nagpal, descendant of a family of stones traders for five generations. But the political climate, to say the least, from many years is not conducive to Burma. So Omi and his wife Preeti have emigrated to the United States with a handful of gems in your pocket. The experience in precious stones has become over the years a luxury jewelry brand, Omi Privé, based in Los Angeles. Now the company is led by the son of Omi, Niveet. Without deviating from the style that has at its center, (guess what?) very large, rare and bright gemstones. Also very uncommon: in addition to rubies, sapphires there are, the iridescent alexandrite stones.

Anello con opale, tsavoriti, diamanti
Ring with opal, tsavorites, diamonds

Note that the emphasis is not only about the stones: the majority of the stems for Omi Privé rings, explain to the House, they are specifically formed from drawn wire, a method that dates back to Roman times. This system forms a thick, without porosity. Stated this, just take a look jewels to be impressed by the quality and quantity of precious stones used. They would envy even to the cave with Aladdin’s treasure.

Anello in oro rosa, tanzanite di 4,79 carati, zaffiri rosa, diamanti
Ring in rose gold, 4.79 carat tanzanite, pink sapphires, diamonds
Orecchini con pietra luna, tormalina Paraiba, diamanti, acquamarina
Earrings with moonstone, Paraiba tourmaline, diamonds, aquamarine
Collana con pendente di tormalina e diamanti
Necklace with tourmaline and diamond pendant
Orecchini con pietra luna, diamanti, spinelli rossi
Earrings with moonstone, diamonds, red spinels
Anello con pietra di luna, apatite e diamanti
Ring with moonstone, apatite and diamonds
Anello con pietra di luna, zaffiri e diamanti
Ring with moonstone, sapphires and diamonds
Anello con crisoberillo, occhio di gatto e diamanti
Ring with chrysoberyl, cat’s eye and diamonds

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