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The talking rings by Recarlo

The customizable rings of the collection Florence by Recarlo. Images and price.
Say it with flowers. Indeed, no, you can say it with a ring. Recarlo is 50 years old and offers a new collection: Florence. That is a tribute to the city of art and crafts, school virtuous passions and skills. Virtues in this case interpreted for jewelry. The idea is to offer to those who buy a ring of Florence collection the ability to customize with symbols or keywords the stem of the jewel.

Since the rings are the classic solitaire, often gift for engagement or for other special occasions, the inscription can become a key element. It is currently offering the ability to add some symbols or words that are chosen on Recarlo website. The incision is then added manually on the outside of the ring. Soon, however, you will be able to propose ad hoc symbols or sentences. The rings have diamonds ranging from 0.30 to 1 carat (G color and purity SI), with three different white gold setting: four griffe, six griffe, or Valentine, which consists of four griffe with convex shape. Prices: from about 2,000 euro for 0.30-carat diamond, up to 11,000 for the ring with 1 carat stone.

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