Orecchini in oro satinato e diamanti
Orecchini in oro satinato e diamanti

The surprising jewels of Studio Renn

There is no country more fond of its traditions than India. And there is no country so surprising in the innovation of India (except the US). One of the surprises, as far as jewelry is concerned, is called Studio Renn. The name already portends a different path from that of traditional jewelers. And it is not surprising that Studio Renn won the Couture Design Award in the Best Innovative category in 2021.

Anello di Studio Renn
Anello di Studio Renn vincitorRing by Studio Renn winner at the 2021 Couture Design Awards

Studio Renn is based in Mumbai and was founded in 2018 by Rahul and Roshni Jhaveri. They are two jewelers who love contemporary art, of which they are collectors. And this passion is reflected in the unique pieces they make. Renn, a word meaning rebirth, is the guiding star of the creative process. So: restart, innovation, breaking of habits and no perfection. Yes, instead to unusual materials and innovative shapes. In short, a process similar to that of the artistic composition of a work of art. Reflections, volumes and voids take precedence over tangible materials, is the philosophy of the two designers.

Crocodile earrings, con smeraldi dello Zambia
Crocodile earrings, with Zambian emeralds

A collection called (An) otherness, for example, was conceived in collaboration with the artist Prashant Salvi. And there is also a concrete ring made in collaboration with Material Immaterial Studio, which creates functional objects in concrete and precious stones. Or earrings set with diamonds that show the hidden side, usually the back of the stones. Nothing is impossible and nothing is impracticable for Studio Renn.

Orecchini Shell Circular in oro, diamanti, zaffiri
Shell Circular earrings in gold, diamonds, sapphires
Seed Leaf, pendente in oro e diamanti
Seed Leaf, gold and diamond pendant
Puffball Voids Sphere Bracelet in oro satinato e diamanti
Puffball Voids Sphere Bracelet in satin gold and diamonds
Insetti in oro bianco e diamanti
Insects in white gold and diamonds
Godna ring in oro giallo e diamanti
Godna ring in yellow gold and diamonds

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