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The social bracelet of Nomination

Nomination focuses on sharing with the Composable bracelet. Alessandro Gensini, marketing manager explains it in this interview ♦ ︎

If Facebook is the social network emblem of sharing experiences, emotions, images, Nomination is the first jewelery brand to focus on the concept of exchange or, better, of connection. At the base of this idea is a product that is unique in the world of jewelry: the Composable bracelet. A jewel that, in the intentions of the Tuscan company lends itself perfectly to be shared. From this idea the one to me one campaign was born, which considers the different elements that make up the bracelets as links that connect with each other and, at the same time, connect people. As explained in this interview by Alessandro Gensini, marketing manager of Nomination.

Alessandro Gensini (a sinistra) e Giovanni Bianco
Alessandro Gensini (a sinistra) e Giovanni Bianco

With the “one to me one to you” campaign, Nomination is focusing on young people. In perspective, is it a strategic choice that involves the entire proposal of the company?
Nomination’s proposals have always been aimed at a transversal target and in our campaign this message is further emphasized by the fact that it is concentrated around the Composable bracelet which, thanks to the interchangeable links that allow infinite combinations of shapes and colors, is a jewel suitable for men and women of all ages. A bracelet that is a true intergenerational cult because it allows you to express your personality with letters and symbols that speak of you.
How is the initiative articulated?
The message behind the new campaign is an invitation to share that comes from the creation of your own Composable, whose links can be given away: this exchange creates special relationships and enriches the bracelet with new meanings. Thus the claim, “One to me, one to you” is an invitation to get in touch with others, in a continuous exchange of links that celebrate the essence of life, that is to say the bonds, as summarized also in the adv campaign.
Il bracciale Composable di Nomination
Il bracciale Composable di Nomination

How did the idea “one to me one to you” come about?
In an increasingly individualistic society, “One to me, one to you” is the voice that promotes an attitude of generous sharing while the modularity of each Nomination bracelet, that is the fact of being able to be enriched, composed but also decomposed with infinite link, favors the game of exchanges. Each Nomination bracelet is, ideally, the beginning of an intense and surprising life of relationships. Because living is sharing.
How was the communication made?
The communication was entrusted to the New York studio GB65, specialized in luxury brands, whose creative director, Giovanni Bianco, is also the director of the new commercials. The result was a commercial for television that has the rhythm and transport of a modern video clip with a young target, with a girl as protagonist and the world of relationships that are part of her life: friends, parents, children, the family. The added value given by GB65 was, on the one hand, to use an original language capable of reaching the new generations and, at the same time, that of conveying a message that had within us our values ​​and our DNA, with the plus of a product that was truly revolutionary for the world of jewelry.
Immagine della campagna «uno a me uno a te»
Immagine della campagna «uno a me uno a te»

Is the Composable bracelet offered in special versions dedicated to young people?
The Composable is a transversal bracelet by its very nature precisely because, thanks to the infinite variations of its links, everyone can find those that are more congenial to them and create their own personal version of their jewel. The strength of our bracelet is precisely that of having been the forerunner of the concept of links, central to the Internet era, even before it became mainstream.
Why does the proposal “one to me one to you” focus on the bracelet and not on earrings and necklaces?
Because the link is the heart of the Composable and the bracelet is a transversal jewel, suitable for both men and women, perfect for all ages. With a high coefficient of sharing, of course!
Nomination is a company that does not neglect a social commitment, with charity initiatives. Is the concept of sharing part of this philosophy?
Of course, the key message of our claim is to say no to individuality: the salt of life is relationships and having relationships also means caring for others, sharing what we have with those who have fewer possibilities, helping one another. another to improve our world day by day …

Composable ClassicGold dedicato al mondo degli animali
Composable ClassicGold dedicato al mondo degli animali

Nomination is very export-oriented. What is the situation for Italian jewelry at international level?
Italian jewelry, as far as we are concerned, is in good health abroad, especially when, beyond the border, the added values of Made in Italy and the national goldsmith tradition that characterize the products of the Italian flag are recognized. Italianity has always been a guarantee of a beautiful jewel, with a history and a recognizable DNA, attentive to trends and capable of bringing added value.
Which are the countries that give you the most satisfaction? And in Italy?
In Europe, the reference markets are Italy, England, Ireland, Poland, Austria and Russia. On an extra EU level the highest growth is recorded in the UAE and Korea. Nomination products are present in around 5,000 independent retailers and 113 single-brand franchises in the world: in Italy alone we have five directly managed stores, in Florence, Milan, Venice, Rome and Bari.
Lo store Nomination di via Frattina, a Roma
Lo store Nomination di via Frattina, a Roma

There are already so many links on the bracelet. Do you expect to add more?
The birth of the Composable links is continuous and does not stop: today there are 2,500 link references in our catalog. The themes and materials used for the sweaters are potentially endless: from small symbols to the initials of the name, from semi-precious stones to colored enamels, to natural diamonds …
What are the advantages that Nomination can offer compared to other brands?
The core values ​​of our company embody the excellence of Italian quality, given by a rigorous Made in Florence, supported by artisan quality, design, innovation and research that integrates synergies and family values. Without forgetting the fact that we have created the first personalized jewelery in steel and gold, the Composable …
Bracciali in argento con ciondoli
Bracciali in argento con ciondoli

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