Anello in argento della linea Png 68
Anello in argento della linea Png 68

The rebirth of Franco P.

Birth, death, rebirth. Second life. And maybe even a third and a fourth. Franco Pianegonda is a name in Italian jewelry that recalls the title of an old film: Only those who fall can rise again. From a phenomenon of the nineties, with a brand that became known not only to the Italian public, Pianegonda collided with the economic crisis of 2008, which impacted on less than impeccable company management. The flop led to a long legal aftermath, together with the sale of the brand, purchased by the Bros Manifatture group. The designer and entrepreneur, however, has chosen the path of relaunch.

Franco Pianegonda in un'immagine di qualche anno fa
Franco Pianegonda in an image from a few years ago

No longer able to use the brand that bears his name, he reopened a boutique in Vicenza, the city where he grew his business, together with four new jewelry lines under the Franco P. & Sons umbrella. The Png 68 line is aimed at younger women, with easy to wear jewellery. The number, 68, refers to the legendary year of the youth revolution. The Franco Piane line aims at a more aware public with greater spending power. In this case the jewelry also uses gold and gems. The Je t’aime now line instead occupies the space of celebratory jewels, for anniversaries or important moments. Finally, Character is a jewelry line dedicated to men.
Anello in argento della linea Character
Silver ring from the Character line

Orecchini in argento e ametiste della linea Franco Piane
Silver and amethyst earrings from the Franco Piane line
Anello in argento, oro e quarzo fumé della linea Franco Piane
Ring in silver, gold and smoky quartz from the Franco Piane line
Anello placcato oro della linea Je T'aime now
Gold-plated ring from the Je T’aime now line
Anello in argento placcato rodio della linea Png 68
Rhodium plated silver ring from the Png 68 line

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