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The price of gold will rise in 2020 too

The price of gold will also rise in 2020. Here are the analysts’ forecasts on the yellow metal ♦

The price of gold has been rising for some time. And this is fact that affects both those who make the jewels and those who buy them. And also those who decided to sell them. Will the price continue to rise even in 2020? No one can predict the future, but it is interesting to know that a survey conducted by the Reuters agency among operators in the gold market bets that the price should reach $ 1425 an ounce, against the 1360 of the autumn 2019. An ounce is equivalent to 28.35 grams then, the gold would reach a price of 50.26 dollars per gram. But other analysts (those of the American superbanca Citi) have gone so far as to foresee a value of 2000 dollars within a year or two.

Il prezzo dell'oro negli ultimi tre anni
Il prezzo dell’oro negli ultimi tre anni

It is easy to deduce, therefore, that the price of jewels will also increase, especially those made with many grams of yellow metal. Another consequence could be an increase in jewels using 14 carat gold, that has with a lower percentage of noble metal (only 53.4%) instead of 18 carats.
Lingotti d’oro

Of course there are many factors that could make these predictions vary in one way or another. Usually the price of gold rises when investors perceive a storm. In short, fear is the best friend of gold prices. Wars, environmental disasters, trade tensions: these are all factors that could push the price of gold even higher.
Bracciale Calla in oro rosa satinato
Bracciale Calla di Vhernier in oro rosa satinato

On the contrary, if there were no serious reasons for concern, the price could settle down or fall. When in doubt, many jewelers have decided to focus more on silver, sometime gold plated, to avoid buying a material at a price considered too high. According to some analysts, it has also become cheaper to buy platinum, which according to the Reuters survey next year should be sold at an average of $ 926 per ounce.
Orecchini a cerchio in oro giallo
Orecchini a cerchio in oro giallo

And silver? Again according to the analysts questioned, the price of silver should also increase: a price up to $ 16.73 is expected for an ounce compared to the current 15.
Anello della collezione Domina
Anello della collezione Domina di Pianengonda

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