Anello Rebellious Happiness, in oro e diamanti
Anello Rebellious Happiness, in oro e diamanti

The intelligent minimal of Elena Sardo

Minimal made in Turin: Elena Sardo is a new contribution from the Piedmontese city to the design jewel. Graduated in architecture, designer, the founder of the brand that bears her name, Sardo, worked in the fashion world before turning to jewelry. And she has chosen a more elitist path, but certainly with a greater caliber of personality. Jewels that are essential, but imaginative, rich, but without unnecessary display of luxury, rarefied and at the same time denses of ideal content.

Anello con diamante
Diamond ring

Speaking of ideal is not accidental. In her bio, Elena Sardo explains that her collections in 18-karat gold, silver and precious stones can be inspired by flowers, but also by the passion for Kant’s philosophy, which inspired the collection The starry sky above me, while another line, Oltre il tempo, is the result of Louis Kahn’s reflections on architecture, while About passion stems from Italo Calvino’s concept of lightness. In short, jewels to be understood and interpreted with the mind as well as to wear. The jewels are made in Turin and are on sale in the boutique of the Italian city, but also in London and Los Angeles in the shops of Dover Street Market, and in Paris at the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées.

Anello eternity in oro rosa e diamanti
Eternity ring in rose gold and diamonds
Diamonds cube ring
Diamonds cube ring
Anello in oro bianco 18 carati con diamanti bianchi
18k white gold ring with white diamonds
Anello in oro bianco, giallo e rosa con diamanti
Ring in white, yellow and rose gold with diamonds
Anello in oro giallo 18 carati con diamante bianco, smeraldo e zaffiro rosa
18k yellow gold ring with white diamond, emerald and pink sapphire

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