— January 23, 2018 at 4:00 am

The hearts of S’Agapò

The Twice series of the S’Agapò brand for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Images and prices ♦ ︎
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here new hearts come from the great jewelry kitchen of Bros Manifatture. They are signed by S’Agapò who, as the brand explains, «is a word that in Greek means I love you and establishes itself in the fashion jewelery market as a young, sensual and modern design». The Twice collection, presented among others at VicenzaOro January, is part of this philosophy of thought: love, fashion and, of course, very young prices. The Twice collection is suitable for Valentine’s Day as the swimsuit is suitable for the beach. The bijoux are in the form of a double star and a double heart, in the most classic of the forms of this type of ornaments. The pieces of the collection are always made of steel, in some versions with gold color, with the addition of white crystals. The price is affordable for everyone: 29 euros for the necklace, between 26 and 29 euros the bracelet. Lavinia Andorno

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