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La modella Tamara D'Andria indossa anelli TRIuSo

The eco friendly rings by Sbottonando


The accessory brand Sbottonando launches the Triuso acetate rings, friends of the environment ♦ ︎

Here are the rings that Greta Thunberg (maybe) likes, the Swedish girl who has become the symbol of the struggle for environmental protection. In Rome, many kilometers south of Stockholm, an eco-friendly jewelry line is born. This is Triuso and is launched by Sbottonando, a brand of eco-sustainable accessories founded by Michela Monaco.

La modella Tamara D'Andria indossa anelli TRIuSo
La modella Tamara D’Andria indossa anelli TRIuSo

The Triuso rings (which the brand writes with capital letters TRIuSo) are made with a particular cellulose acetate, obtained from cellulose obtained from the cotton plant and wood fibers. This cellulose, compared to the traditional one, is composed of a higher percentage of elements obtained from renewable sources. And also the plasticizer necessary for making an acetate plate is of vegetable origin.

Tamara D'Andria con gli anelli eco friendly
Tamara D’Andria con gli anelli eco friendly

Not only that: the rings of Sbottonando arise from the recovery of industrial waste from the production of glasses. The rings have transparent or monocolored colors, or with many different shades.

Sbottonando was born years ago from a ring made for fun. Over the years, I have made thousands of jewels, one by one, a meticulous craftsmanship aimed at enhancing the uniqueness of each piece, recovering hundreds of flashes, scraps from tailored workshops, unused buttons. Triuso is a very different line from the previous ones, but united by the concept of eco-sustainability and the recovery of materials that would otherwise remain unused. Everything started last year when Legambiente asked me to create creations for a fundraising campaign. I needed buttons with a shape that could remind the turtle’s carapace and clearly an environmentally-friendly material. The search for a company that could support me in the realization of my idea and that was sensitive to environmental issues, led to the birth of a splendid synergy with Essequadro, leader in the production of glasses. The extraordinary nature of the work consists in the meticulous craftsmanship that is hidden behind each ring, each polished, brushed and finished by hand. One by one, each piece is unique.
Michela Monaco

Michela Monaco
Michela Monaco

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