Collana con i charms di PdPaola
Collana con i charms di PdPaola

The charms of PdPaola

Charms, an English word that indicates the ability to fascinate, with a spell that only Harry Potter could dissolve. In the language of jewellery, charms are those that make bracelets and necklaces fascinating: small elements that add movement and personality to the jewel. With this idea PdPaola presents Charms, a collection of small pendants suitable for enriching thin gold-plated silver chains.

Collana ferma capelli
Hair clip necklace

The charms can be added in the desired number and offer many different symbols, each one can be linked to a story about the passions and interests of the person wearing them. Handmade in 18k gold-plated silver, with the addition of natural gems and white cubic zirconia, PdPaola charms represent letters of the alphabet, fun icons, zodiac symbols, lucky charms. Placed next to each other, the charms can tell a piece of history, add a message for those who look at them, or simply make your outfit more cheerful.
Collezione Charms di PdPaola
Charms collection by PdPaola

Simboli dello zodiaco
Zodiac symbols
Ciondolo in argento placcato oro
Gold plated silver pendant

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