S'Agapò, bracciale con pvd giallo oro e elementi di turchese
S'Agapò, bracciale con pvd giallo oro e elementi di turchese

The Aurora of S’Agapò


Bracelets and necklaces easy signed S’Agapò for the Aurora collection ♦ ︎
It is not certain that the name of a collection corresponds exactly to its style. The Aurora collection by S’Agapò, brand of the Bros Manifatture group, adapts to the jewelery line proposed with this name, but without a precise overlap. To cut a long story short: you can choose Aurora bijoux even without thinking of wearing something that has to do with the early morning. What does it matter? Nothing, in fact. The jewels line consists of steel necklaces and bracelets, in some versions with yellow gold pvd, with star or heart shaped pendants with elements in turquoise paste and crystals. Modular prices, as in the philosophy of S’Agapò: single strand necklace 32 euro, double thread 46 euro, bracelet 29 or 39 euro. Alessia Mongrando

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