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The 10 most loved rings

Which ring to choose? Each shape of this jewel has its own meaning and its own name. Read what are the 10 kind of rings most worn and what they symbolize ♦

There are many types of rings: there are not only those for engagement or marriage. The shape of a ring also depends on which finger of the hand to wear it or on which occasion is more appropriate, because many types of rings also have a symbolic meaning. Not surprisingly, jewelers offer their rings with a precise definition, such as eternity, trilogy, solitaire, cocktail … Here are the 10 most requested ring models and what the different shapes of this jewel mean.

Anello della collezione Shall We Dance
Theodora, anello della collezione Shall We Dance

1 Solitaire. It is the most popular and popular engagement ring: it has a diamond mounted on its own, with no other stones around it, on a metal band. Symbolic meaning: one diamond, one love. The stem can be in gold, most of the time white, or platinum, very rarely in silver or titanium. The solitaire ring symbolizes the commitment of a woman who agrees to marry the man who gives her the jewel. But, worn over time, it remains the sign of exclusive love. The solitaire can also be worn after marriage, together with the wedding band.

Tiffany Harmony, anello solitaire
Tiffany Harmony, anello solitaire

2 Eternity. Ring with a metal band (usually white gold) and a continuous line of gems (usually diamonds, but they are also offered with different stones, such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires). As the name indicates, eternity symbolizes love that never ends. It is a ring often given by a husband to his wife on an anniversary, usually after ten years of marriage. If the diamonds set do not follow the entire circumference, but only a part (also to make it more comfortable to wear), it is also defined as half-eternity. But in this case the concept is the same: eternal love (and even a minor expense).

Anello Live Diamond con diamanti prodotti in laboratorio
Anello eternity Live Diamond con diamanti prodotti in laboratorio

3 Wedding ring. It is the classic wedding ring, the most used. It is characterized by a usually smooth metal, most often yellow gold. The width is variable, it depends on your tastes. The ring offers the possibility to engrave the wedding date or the name of the wife or husband inside. Introduced by the ancient Romans, the wedding ring symbolizes the commitment made to marriage. The wedding ring is generally worn on the left hand on the ring finger, while in Central-Eastern Europe, and also in the Iberian Peninsula (except Catalonia), it is used to put it on the right.

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Anello di Damiani con piccolo diamante all'interno
Anello di Damiani con piccolo diamante all’interno

4 Toi et Moi. It is a ring with two similar, but not necessarily the same, stones set facing each other. A contrast, but also a union of two different personalities, which complement each other. It is a ring that symbolizes a close relationship between two people. Giving this ring as a gift is a bit like saying: always carry me with you. It is also a ring that allows designers and jewelers to test their imagination: rings of this type can be made with two simple stones, or with the choice of bold combinations.
Anello in oro bianco toi et moi con diamanti
Anello in oro bianco toi et moi con diamanti di Shay

5 Phalanx ring. This ring has a smaller diameter than a normal ring: in fact, it is worn on the first or second phalanx of the finger. Used in antiquity, it is back in fashion now. But you need to pay attention to the size: it must be the right size so as not to risk losing it. It is usually very thin, light, often made of metal only, without stones.
Anelli firmati Ella
Anelli firmati Ella

6 Trinity. Ring designed by Cartier in 1924 and heavily imitated. It consists of three different metal bands of different colors and with different symbologies: pink gold indicates love, yellow gold is chosen as a sign of fidelity (because it recalls the wedding ring) and, finally, white gold signals friendship. The three metal bands intersect to form a single ring. Much appreciated especially by young people. It is also proposed with some variations, for example, with the use of stones set in the metal.

Trinity ring di Cartier
Trinity ring di Cartier

7 Trilogy. Not to be confused with the trinity ring. The trilogy ring indicates a metal band with three stones mounted, usually diamonds. It looks like a solitaire ring, but multiplied by three. The meaning? Well, if you search on Google you will find quite a few. But the real thing is: my dear, I can’t spend on one large diamond ring, but with three small ones I get (almost) the same effect. And that’s right.

Anello trilogy di Recarlo
Anello trilogy di Recarlo

8 Ring with secret. In fashion in the Middle Ages (they were also used to hide poison), they are now small and complex works of art. This type of ring came back into fashion in the Victorian era, because the secret compartment could be used to hold a message, a small portrait of the lover, or a symbol. It sounds unbelievable, but at that time there were no messages on Whastapp. They are bulky rings and the secret compartment today often reserves surprises.
Anelo con segreto di Theo Fennel
Anelo con segreto di Theo Fennel

9 Cocktail ring. Born during the years of Prohibition in the United States, these were worn by women at banned alcohol-based parties. Large, showy, with colored stones, they are afternoon or early evening rings. They symbolize, as the name indicates, the desire to have fun and a little to transgress. Given the size and bright colors, however, they are not easy to match with the dress.

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Jacob, anello cocktail
Jacob, anello cocktail

10 Halo. The name indicates a ring with a diamond or other central stone and a crown of smaller gems around it. It is a gimmick of jewelry designers that serves to increase the visual impact of the stones, without having to resort to a larger and more expensive gem. It is a type of setting widely used for both demanding and less expensive rings.

Blue NIle, halo ring
Blue Nile, halo ring


  1. Das sind echt schöne Ringe. Sehr schöne Designs. Die schönsten Ringe sind Schmuckanfertigungen nach Wunsch meiner Meinung nach. Jeder hat sein eigene Wünsche, wenn es um Schmuck geht.

  2. Der Dreieinigkeitring sieht sehr schön aus. Ich mag es wie dieser einfach aber einzigartig ist. Ich soll das mit meiner Freundin teilen, denn sie und ihr Freund einen Ring designen möchten, aber sie suchen nach Ideen.

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