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Raro uovo per lo zar Alessandro firmato Peter Carl Fabergé

Jewels with egg shaped

Do you like jewelry in the shape of eggs? Here is a short selection, not just those celebrated Fabergé ♦ Giving eggs for Easter celebrations in the West is a habit […]

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Pendente con perle

Tatiana Fabergé, Russia made in Italy

The precious eggs of the Swiss Maison Tatiana Fabergé: the jewelry of Russian tradition lives on with made in Italy. The heritages are always difficult. Sometimes, though, even a journey fraught […]

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Tiara appartenuta alla zarina

Fabergé in exhibition

Fabergé style in a large exhibition near Moscow. Here are the preview images ♦ ︎ There are excellent jewelers. There are also great jewelers. A step above there are the […]

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Pendente di Fabergé in oro e diamanti

Easter eggs for everyone

Easter a Western holiday that is also synonymous with eggs. Not only are they an ingredient for the typical dishes of this period, but the oval was also used in […]

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Uovo Fabergé con 1.891 diamanti

È tempo di uova (con 1.891 diamanti)

Pasqua, tempo di uova, Ma preziose: le più celebri sono quelle concepite e realizzate da Peter Carl Fabergé artigiano russo di origine francese, che lavorò per gli zar. Nel caso […]

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