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Diamonds: rules to avoid scams

Analisi di un diamante

Are you sure of the origin of the diamond on your ring? And if you have to buy a diamond ring (or another jewel), how do you know if what you buy is authentic? In other words: how do you avoid scams when buying a diamond? Here are four useful tips to avoid nasty surprises…

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Alarm fake diamonds

Falsio diamante

Beware of fraud: the number of synthetic diamonds that are fraudulently proposed as natural is increasing ♦ Diamonds alarm. Experts report a surge in synthetic diamonds passed off as real. Time ago, a good number of these fake diamonds have been identified by the Gemological Institute of America in India. Gia, in fact, discovered an…

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In USA synthetic diamonds in the crosshairs

Diamanti sintetici

Synthetic diamonds against natural diamonds: in the US the Federal Trade Commission takes the field ♦ Synthetic diamonds, first alarms. A warning is issued by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States. The Ftc is a government agency that protects consumers and has dealt, in particular, with the advertising of some companies that sell…

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The great scam of Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi fled to London seeking asylum in Britain. The biggest scam ($ 2.2 billion) linked to the jewelery world ♦ ︎ When summer comes, you can read more books with thriller stories. But sometimes you do not need to buy a book, just read the news. Which, in this case, concern the world of…

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Come comprare gioielli con il Monopoli

Se volete acquistare dei gioielli super costosi potete sempre provare a utilizzare le banconote del Monopoli. Certo, rischiate di finire in prigione, ma avete buone possibilità di riuscire a portare a termine l’acquisto. O, meglio, la truffa. abitualmente non riporta le storie di cronaca, furti di gioielli e cose simili. Ma facciamo un’eccezione perché…

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