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Anello amuleto in oro rosa e diamanti

The talisman-jewelry by Bee Goddess

The jewels-talisman by Bee Goddess ♦ ︎ In the mythology of ancient Greece and India, the bee was considered a sacred insect, which linked the natural world to the underworld. […]

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Susan Lenartka

Susan Lenartka’s talisman jewels

The jewel is not necessarily light, soft, pleasant to wear. The talismans, the first jewels created by shamans for women and men, had a first and foremost practical function: to […]

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Pendente amuleto Evil Eye in oro bianco 18 carati con pavé di zaffiri blu e diamanti di David Yurman

Amulet or talisman jewelry?

The jewels in the shape of an amulet or talisman. But you can wear them even if you are not superstitious ♦ Did our primitive ancestors first make jewelry as […]

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Collana con quarzo firmata Prada

Prada, jewels like talismans

The Prada Jewelery Collection first video ♦ The bad luck, the misfortune, the negative astral conjunction: call it as you want, but superstition is an inseparable companion of humanity for millennia, […]

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