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Laura Volpi, orecchini in bronzo satinato

Jewels that amaze on display

Beauty and Astonishment is the name of the avant-garde jewelry exhibition in which 26 designers from different countries participate. The exhibition, curated by designer Luis Acosta, continues until 30 June […]

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PdPaola collezione New Letters

PdPaola doubles and repositions

It is a paradox, but covid has pushed the sales of PdPaola, a Catalan jewelry company founded in 2014 in Barcelona by Paola Sasplugas and her brother Humbert. The brand, […]

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Anello in oro bianco 18 carati con diamante taglio ovale e pavé di diamanti

Facet’s traceable jewelry to guarantee who buys

x The Catalan company Facet has developed a system to guarantee those who buy its jewels. In fact, many diamond jewelry buyers are concerned that they will not receive an […]

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Letizia con la tiara chatones

The jewels of Letizia of Spain

The jewels, and especially the tiaras, of the Queen of Spain Letizia ♦ ︎ Like all the queens, letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, wife of Philip VI of Spain, loves jewelry. As […]

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Anello dedicato alla terra, in oro e diopside

Four Elements for Magerit

Earth, water, air, fire: these are the Elements that inspire the new Magerit collection, to celebrate the 25 years of the Maison ♦ ︎ Fairy tales, legends, myths: the Spanish […]

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Anello Germina

Magerit in the Gea myth

The Earth in the myth told by Magerit with imaginative Gea collection ♦ Some people are not content to draw a precious jewel. There’s people who want to present something different. […]

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Collezione Paradises City

Multiplication by Unode50

The Spanish brand Unode50 presents a new collection and expands in the USA, Italy, France and … José Azulay, president and designer of the Spanish brand Unode50 , celebrates the […]

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Collezione Andalusia, anello in argento con diamanti e citrini

Hasta luego Andréa Candela

The south of Spain is imagined by tourists as the birthplace of flamenco, of toreadors, perhaps even the gazpacho, and of course, for its natural beauty and monumental. But in […]

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Spilla in oro con smeraldo e diamanti

The neo-classical mythology Magerit

The old Spain and the noblest traditions of the Spanish capital: Magerit is the ancient name of Madrid and is also to one of Europe’s most sophisticated jewelry brands. Founded […]

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