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La modella cinese Liu Wen inanellata

The Chinese are buying more gold. But it is not in vogue

According a survey 62% of Chinese women own gold jewelry, a percentage that exceeds those with a smartphone (51%). But is this enough to consider China a great opportunity for […]

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Anello di fidanzamento trilogy

Women willing to pay for their engagement ring

Would you, women, be willing to pay out of your pocket for the engagement ring? No? You are in the minority. There are many women who, to have an engagement […]

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Gioielleria Lo Scarabeo d'Oro, a Milano

Why Italian jewelers are in trouble

A photograph (not too exciting) of the Italian jewelry supply chain: Federpreziosi Confcommercio, an association that brings together jewelry retailers, returns to analyze the situation in light of the coronavirus […]

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Anello e bracciale

What ring do women want?

How much do you have to spend on the engagement ring? What do women expect? Which kind of ring to choose? A research reveals that… ♦ How much should you spend […]

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Il booth di Jacob & co a Baselworld. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Will you go to Baselworld? Mini survey

Will you participate in Baselworld? Here is the result of the mini survey by gioiellis.com among the companies at VicenzaOro ♦ ︎ Will you participate in Baselworld? We have asked […]

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Orecchini della collezione Chili Peppers di Yvone Christa

What to give to a woman? A survey reveals it

What to give to a woman? A global survey reveals that the favorite gift of women is … ♦ ︎ What is the gift that women appreciate most? Since you […]

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Baselworld 2018, Graff

Poll: will you go to Baselworld? The result is…

Will you participate in Baselworld? Survey of Gioiellis.com among the jewelers of VicenzaOro. Here is the result ♦ ︎ In short, will you go to Baselworld 2019? The question was […]

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Giovane millenial sbarazzina

The jewels of the Millenials

A survey on Millenials reveals the jewels preferred by young people. The most worn type is … ♦ ︎ There are jewelry company giants that are in alarm: the Millenials, […]

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Davanti a uno store Tiffany

51% of women buy jewelry for herself

Over half of the women buy the jewels for herself. And loves white metal ♦ ︎ Are women in New York different from those in Boston, London, Paris or Milan? […]

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Vetrina con gioielli

Jewels, young people do shopping in this way

Online or offline? Via internet or in a traditional store? A survey reveals the preferences of young people in jewelry shopping ♦ ︎ Who buys, but also who sells jewels, […]

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Recarlo, anello con sette diamanti, quello centrale con taglio cuore

Survey: the jewels for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is perfect for giving a jewel. 68% of Italians argue it ♦ ︎ Who knows if Valentine’s Day is the same for everyone? Certainly, according to research conducted […]

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Ai Millenials piacciono i diamanti

Millennials love diamonds

Young people, the so-called Millennials, do not differ too much from the adults, at least as it comes to jewelry. According to a survey conducted in the US by the […]

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Un anello di diamanti: il regalo preferito per una donna su tre

Poll: one in three women want a ring

One in three women would like a diamond but, sad to say, most men prefer to give nothing. The preference (which seems a little bit interested for the truth) emerges […]

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Britney Spears

Sondaggio: le donne e l’anello

Uomini e donne (o uomini e uomini, donne e donne, eccetera) in procinto di annunciare al mondo il fidanzamento, avete già deciso che anello regalare? Rispetto ai film degli anni […]

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