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Bracciale Luz in oro giallo e diamanti

Luísa Rosas’s Skin is 160 years old

Luísa Rosas, Portuguese designer, heir to a tradition begun in 1860 ♦ ︎ In Portugal, in 1860, Mateus dos Santos Rosas started the activity of jewelry with a small workshop. […]

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Anello della clllezione Fur, in oro e piccoli diamanti

Gold is transformist with Cadar

Gold turns into fur, feathers and leather through the creativity of Cadar ♦ ︎ He has only four years of life, yet he has already won a Couture Design Award […]

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Anelli della linea Skin

The snake skin of Giulia Barela

Snakeskin in rhodium-plated silver or gold-plated bronze by Giulia Barela ♦ ︎ Snakes change skin, Giulia Barela uses it. Skin is the name of collection of the Roman designer who […]

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