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In aeroporto

10 rules for jewelry on trip

Can you go for holidays with jewels? Can you leave the jewels in the hotel? What dangers do you run with jewels on a trip? Here are ten useful tips […]

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Pendente anti aggressione

Oz Bijoux, anti-aggression jewels

Oz Bijoux necklaces and bracelets are activated with a click and send alarm messages to five addresses simultaneously ♦ ︎ The tale of the Wizard of Oz tells of a […]

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A  jewel for safe

A jewel for safe

A small technological anti-aggression jewel: it could be useful and has been designed in the USA. It is also sold online ♦ It’s a good or bad news the launch, […]

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Amuleto indossato

The bracelet with lifesaving built-in

A silver bracelet that warns who you want in case of aggression ♦ It’s called Amulet but, in reality, rather than bring luck should offer security. It is a silver bracelet […]

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