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Collana di smeraldi dello Zambia con pendente a forma di fiore

Farah Khan, luxury without borders

A book celebrates the work of one of the greatest Indian jewelry designers: Farah Khan ♦ ︎ Paola De Luca has edited A Bejeweled Life, a book published by Rizzoli […]

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Orecchini con topazio, zaffiri del Montana, ceramica azzurra, oro (dal libro Taffin)

Taffin, 20 years in 300 shots

A book about the brilliant designer James Taffin de Givenchy: 300 jewelry images out of the ordinary. It is unlikely that a book can be the mirror of a person. […]

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Gioiello a forma di granchio

Mavericks on book

The 17 nonconformists jewelry designer for a collectors book. All about jewelry. Better, everything about the jewels that have become milestones of masterpieces in the history of jewelry. If you […]

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Una delle celebri farfalle del maestro cinese

Dream, Light and Water of Wallace Chan

He is a Chinese artist lent to the jewelry world. She is an Italian publishing house. Together they produced a book on his work, Wallace Chan, who took seven years to find […]

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Anima, orecchini con tre simboli pendenti in oro giallo, madreperla gialla e diamanti. Prezzo: 3200 euro

The Soul of Capri with Chantecler

Jewelry with Anima ( the italian word for soul), the one of Chantecler. The new collection of caprese brand is all in its symbols, Bell, Rooster, Logo, Cornetto and Joyful, […]

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