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All about lapis lazuli

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Collana Ciel de Minuit in oro bianco 18 carati, lapislazzuli, zaffiri e diamanti

The story of a rock, lapis lazuli, which has been transformed into a stone also used in high jewelery. But also in works of art, objects, elements of architecture. Here is everything you need to know about lapis lazuli, the blue stone with the oldest history. The name. The word lapis lazuli, sometimes abbreviated as…

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How much is your gem worth?

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Anelli con gemme di Bulgari

Raise your hand if you don’t have at least one jewel with colored gems and have never wondered how much that stone is really worth. Amethyst or ruby, emerald or citrine, sapphire or moonstone: there are not only diamonds. But how much are colored stones worth? How much is a ruby ​​worth? Or an emerald?…

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