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Ring Around the Rosie with Spinelli Kilcollin

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello in argento rodiato, oro e diamanti

Spinelli Kilcollin‘s mission: to stay in the center of the circle ♦ Like Barack Obama, Yves Spinelli was born in Honolulu. But he, the son of Italian hairdressers, instead of pursuing a career as a lawyer, and then as a politician, chose the glittering world of precious stones. First, however, his father, Antoine Spinelli, hairstylist,…

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Ambush, a 3208 euro brass necklace

Ambush, collana in ottone

Can a simple brass chain necklace cost 3208 euros? Yes, if it is signed by Ambush, an emerging fashion brand, which has added accessories and bijoux to its catalog. Judge for yourself if the price is reasonable. The Luisaviaroma marketplace, after offering the series at full price, has decided to drastically reduce the request, probably…

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Will the price of gold go up again?

in news/ORO
Pendente Lifesaver in oro a forma di lingotto, 5 grammi

As we wrote in this article almost a year ago, the price of gold has shot up. At the beginning of August 2020, therefore, it passed the fateful threshold of $ 2,000 per ounce. And remember that one ounce of gold is equivalent to 31.1035 grams, so the cost on the markets is equivalent to…

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Challenge between diamonds at Christie’s auction

in asta/news
Diamante di qualità VVS1, colore F, di 115,8 carati a forma di pera

What is the price of a 115.8 carat diamond? If you are interested, you can refer to the evaluation obtained at the first post covid auction of Christie’s which took place in New York. The VVS1 quality diamond, color F, 115.8 carat pear-shaped, suspended as a pendant on a diamond necklace, was sold for $…

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The price of gold will rise in 2020 too

in news/ORO
Lingotti d'oro

The price of gold will also rise in 2020. Here are the analysts’ forecasts on the yellow metal ♦ The price of gold has been rising for some time. And this is fact that affects both those who make the jewels and those who buy them. And also those who decided to sell them. Will…

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Tiffany among bees, ladybirds and butterflies

in ANELLI/bracciale/Tiffany/vetrina
Anello in oro rosa della collezione Tiffany Love Bugs

Tiffany launches the new Return to Tiffany Love Bugs collection: bracelets, ring, necklace, earrings in gold or silver. Images and price ♦ ︎ Dear ladybird, dear butterfly, please return to Tiffany’s. For the spring summer 2019 the great American Maison presents the Return to Tiffany’s Love Bugs collection with a new look. A classic that,…

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The music of Cartier Clash

in ANELLI/bracciale/vetrina
Anello della collezione Clash in oro rosa e diamanti

The Clash collection by Cartier, the new rings, bracelet, necklace and earrings of the Maison. Images and prices of ring, bracelet, earrings by Cartier ♦ ︎ The Clash were an English punk rock band active from 1976 to 1986. But the word clash in the English language is also synonymous with combat. In short, the…

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Bulgari, the new B.zero1 rings

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello B.zero1 XXth Anniversary a cinque bande in oro bianco 18 kt, con pavé di diamanti (1,42 ct) sulla spirale

The new rings from the B.zero1 collection by Bulgari, which turns 20. Images and prices ♦ ︎ A twenty-year-old looks for other twenties for a true friendship. It might look like an ad on a bulletin board for lonely hearts, but it’s another thing. The twenty-year-old is the B.zero1 ring by Bulgari. Born in 1999,…

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Rhapsody in blue for Christie’s

in ANELLI/asta/Diamanti

A blue diamond on Bulgari’s ring was the king of Christie’s auction in New York ♦ ︎ A ring signed Bulgari with a cushion cut diamond, Fancy Vivid Blue of 8.08 carats and, on its sides, two diamonds with a triangular cut, on platinum. A $ 18.3 million Christmas gift, probably a price not even…

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Stephen Webster, a ring for two

in ANELLI/vetrina
Stephen Webster, anello Cuckoo, set in oro giallo 18 carati, madreperla bianca e quarzo, granato, tsavorite, spessartite

The stacking insect-rings from Stephen Webster’s Jitterbugs collection ♦ ︎ That Stephen Webster is a sui generis jeweler is well known. But this does not stop you from surprising. The Jitterbugs collection, for example, is a combination of engineering, design and imagination, all seasoned with colored stones, gold, diamonds, and a dip in nature. But…

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Bea Bongiasca, so vine!

in ANELLI/Orecchini/vetrina
Cerchi in oro rosa 9kt e argento con smalto turchese

The collection You’re So Vine! by Bea Bongiasca: gold, enamel, colored stones and diamonds. Very funny ♦ ︎ “Your so funny!”. In the American urban language it translates as “You’re So Vine!”. And, in fact, this name chosen for the Bea Bongiasca collection is perfect. Although, in fact, earrings and rings are as fun as…

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Anita Ko chokers

in COLLANE/vetrina
Choker in oro rosa e diamanti indossato

The choker with diamonds by Anita Ko, a Los Angeles designer loved by Hollywood stars ♦ ︎ Anita Ko is a Los Angeles-based designer who founded her own jewelry company in 2006. She was immediately successful, thanks to the consensus received by a host of Hollywood actresses and stars, such as Huntington-Whiteley, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina…

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Anabela Chan in flight with Butterfly

in Design/vetrina
Orecchini in vermeil con gemme create in laboratorio: smeraldi verdi, peridoti, granati arancio, diamanti bianchi e zaffiri rosa con fiori intagliati di madreperla e foglie di smalto dipinte a mano

The precious butterflies of Anabela Chan: synthetic colored stones, diamonds, gold and spring air ♦ ︎ When it’s cold, you think of spring. When it’s hot, you think of spring. And when autumn comes, the nostalgia of spring becomes even stronger. Easy, therefore, look for the symbols of new season, which are essentially two: flowers…

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Nina Runsdorf, New York City

in Nuove collezioni/vetrina
Bracciale con diamanti e zaffiri. Prezzo: 42.000 dollari

Classic but modern jewelery, signed by newyorker Nina Runsdorf ♦ ︎ Nina Runsdorf launched her first collection in New York in 2005. But she had already gained experience with the jewelery industry. This previous experience has given her an edge: knowledge of precious stones, metals, working techniques. But the first contact with jewels has in…

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Jewelry on paper for de Grisogono

in news
Skull, una delle creazioni più controcorrente di de Grisogono

The story (seen through 160 illustrations) of the Maison de Grisogono and its founder, Fawaz Gruosi ♦ ︎ “No great man lives in vain: the history of the world is just the biography of great men,” said Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish historian, essayist and philosopher who lived in the Victorian period. This principle also applies…

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World Wide David Webb

in vetrina
Anello fibbia ovale della collezione Manhattan Minimalism. Oro, diamanti, smalto, platino. Prezzo: 27.000 dollati

David Webb extends the proposal: collections inspired by the seventies and a more affordable line ♦ When, in 2010, Mark Emanuel and Robert Sadian bought David Webb, a historic American jewelery brand, the company was virtually failed. Slowly, the two businessmen they tried to resurrect the prestigious Maison, which in the archives held a treasure consisting…

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Nana for Liz

in vetrina

A collection of jewels dedicated to Liz Taylor: it’s the idea by Swiss designer Nana Fink ♦ You can wonder yourself why there are myths that go down and others who endure in time. One of the myths non-tarnishable is that of Liz Taylor. Actress, husband collector, activist in the fight against Aids, has marked an…

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Qayten sounding Jingle

in vetrina
Orecchini della collezione Jingle in oro rosa e diamanti

Waterfalls, gold falls, poetry and design: the precious Qayten menu for the Jingle collection. You can associate a pair of earrings to a sound? Is it realistic to think that a jewel has echoes of a poem by Lord Byron? Design can reproduce the natural beauty of a waterfall? The answer to all three questions…

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Tiffany: i meno cari e i top

in vetrina

Yahoo! versione Usa pubblica un interessante servizio sui gioielli di Tiffany. Il portale, nella sezione finanza, mette a confronto il prezzo di diversi gioielli della maison americana. E le sorprese non mancano. Tiffany, spiega Yahoo!, ha gioielli alla portata di tutti, non solo preziosi che costano sette cifre. L’idea, piuttosto divertente, è stata verificare quanto…

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