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Roberto Demeglio, anello Joy in oro e diamanti

Jewelery with hand shape

Pendants and charms with shape of a hand. Do you want to know why you can wear hand-shaped jewelry and what does the symbol mean? ♦ ︎ The shape of […]

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Bee Goddess, anello con la figura dell'occhio in oro rosa e diamanti neri e grigi

Amulet or talisman jewelry

The jewels in the shape of an amulet or talisman. But you can wear them even if you are not superstitious ♦ Were jewels first made as ornaments or used […]

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L'allenatore della nazionale francese con il bracciale di Messika

A bracelet by Messika the secret of Deschamps

The French national football coach Deschamps wears a Messika lucky charm bracelet. And wins ♦ ︎ Even the jewels took to the field in Moscow for the World Cup final. […]

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