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Pesavento, bracciale con cordino nautico e cerchi in argento

Summer rainbow for Pesavento

Pesavento, a Vicenza jewelry brand, launches a Summer Capsule, In Rainbows. The rainbow is that of six bracelets in red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and white. The colored nautical cord […]

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Orecchini in argento rodiato della collezione Double Your Charme

Pesavento Forever Chic with Double Your Charme

Two new jewelry lines by the brand Pesavento. These are Forever Chic and Double Your Charme. They are names that immediately recall an atmosphere linked to fashion and the relationship […]

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Anelli della linea Charme, con pietre naturali e montatura in oro rosa

Volcanic Pesavento

Glossy like ceramic, but as hard as marble, it will be for this reason that the volcanic rock Kolong is increasingly popular with jewelers? Yes, provided that it is as […]

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