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Anello in oro bianco rodiato nero e lacca nera con granato spessartite e pavé di zaffiri blu, rosa e viola

The surprises of Lorenz Bäumer

The unlimited imagination of Lorenz Bäumer, from engineering studies to Palce Vendôme ♦ Born in Washington to a French mother and German father, a diplomat, with a career as an […]

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Anello in oro bianco con ametista e diamanti

Trimoro, from Place Vendôme to Bangkog

The colorful gems of Trimoro jewels: a brand grew in Thailand, but born in France. The streets of the jewelry are endless. Some, however, go in Thailand: the country called […]

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Anello Wulu in oro rosa 18 carati con diamanti e agata rossa

The Chinese Qeelin brand at Place Vendôme

Qeelin, a Chinese brand owned by the Kering group, opens its first showcase on Place Vendôme ♦ ︎ A Chinese jewelery company in the Olympus of high jewelry? Yes, Qeelin […]

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Orecchini con smeraldo

High jewelry in 3D with Jaubalet

High jewelry designed also thanks to 3D printers: it is Jaubalet’s idea to create custom necklaces, rings or bracelets ♦ ︎ London, 1 Berkeley Street, but also Place Vendôme, Paris, […]

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Tiara Torsade de Chaumet

A spiral for Chaumet high jewelery

The aesthetics of the ellipse, of the lines that wrap around a center of gravity as in the new collection by Chaumet, characterized the Baroque period. But not only that: […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamanti lab grown

With Courbet the artificial diamonds in Place Vendôme

x Perhaps some jewelers experienced it as a provocation, who knows. But for a couple of years in Place Vendôme in Paris, the capital of high jewelery, there has been […]

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Choker in platino con diamanti e zaffiri

Reza’s legacy

Five years after the death of Alexandre Reza, the great Parisian jewelery house continues on the path traced by its founder. In fact, the company’s activities had been transferred to […]

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Anello Taglio Smeraldo, con berillo taglio smeraldo da 14,04 ct e pavé di cristallo di rocca, incastonato in oro giallo

Boucheron Vu Du 26

The new Vu Du 26 jewelery collection by Boucheron is inspired by the headquarters in Place Vendôme and Paris ♦ ︎ Vu Du 26 Collection by Boucheron. The name, at […]

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Gucci, anello in oro, diamanti, opale

The first Gucci high jewelry collection

A boutique has opened in Place Vandôme for Gucci’s high jewelry, the first collection is called Hortus Deliciarum ♦ ︎ From bags to clothes. From clothes to jewelry. And from […]

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Tatiana Verstraeten. Copyright: gioiellis.com

The precious embroideries of Tatiana Verstraeten

The high jewelery of a new star: the Belgian designer Tatiana Verstraeten ♦ ︎ A star was born. Indeed, she was a star even before being born: Tatiana Verstraeten created […]

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Orecchini in oro, argento annerito, spinella della Tanzania, trsavorite, spinello grigio del Madagascar, spinelli birmani, diamanti

Arteau’s art

Unique pieces, colors, quality stones: the art of true French jewelry in the repertoire of Arteau ♦ ︎ Take off an M at Stéphane Marteau and you will have one […]

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Collier in oro, diamanti e smeraldo Muzo

New Conquêtes for Louis Vuitton

In Paris, a large five-storey Louis Vuitton’s storehouse. And for the occasion presents new pieces of high jewelry ♦ ︎ Louis Vuitton returns to the starting point. But in great […]

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Anelo in oro bianco, diamanti rosa, diamanti bianchi e piccoli zaffiri Padparadscha

Oui, je suis David Morris

It opens in Paris the boutique of London jeweler David Morris. Opulence, but with style ♦ After more than half a century of success, but with British aplomb, the classic London brand, […]

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Anello con diamanti e rubini

John Rubel and Yoko Ono

The new jewelry designed by John Rubel: gold, precious stones, and a dedication to Yoko Ono. About long, charming, adventurous story of John Rubel we have already told here). After […]

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Esterno della boutique Damiani, al 19 di Place Vendome

Damiani in Place Vendôme

Damiani occupies two floors in the Place Vendôme. Damiani is also among the big Maison overlooking the Place Vendome, Paris. The company from Valenza, has opened a new boutique in […]

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Vetrina Chopard a Parigi

Chopard, the bad luck collection

Gioiellis.com, as you know, publishes news about the world of jewelry. In most cases, about new jewelry that are presented by the producers, large and small. But sometimes it is […]

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Orecchini con diamanti

Repossi’s reflections

For once the news is not a new collection, but the place that houses them. In particular, the new Repossi flagship store in Paris, in the classic town square for […]

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Graff, a super pear in Paris

Graff, a super pear in Paris

Let’s face it: for sure for diamonds, the size matters. And it knows Graff, Maison London with a passion for the most popular stones. Always collector of extraordinary pieces, Graff […]

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La pantera di Cartier nella vetrina di Place Vendome

Secrets of Place Vendome

Place Vendôme, one of the mythical places of jewelry. And also a vantage point to understand trends, including those of marketing, for an object so sophisticated and privileged as the […]

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Chopard a Place Vendome

Chopard a Place Vendome

Chopard a Place Vendome, a Parigi, è uno dei templi della gioielleria mondiale. Se nbon ci siete mai entrati, ecco un’occasione per farlo, almeno con questo video. Certo, gli anelli […]

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