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Orecchino a forma di nodo in oro rosa e diamanti

The knots of Sophie Zamel

There are only seven earrings. But they make up a knot that becomes a reminder for the future: Sophie Zamel is a designer who can lead the way. The Free-form […]

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Bracciale Florette in oro bianco, diamanti, tormalina verde

Carelle, the pleasure of the knot

The Knot collection by Carelle, Made in New York jewelry by Chana Regev ♦ ︎ In February 2015, the mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, promoted an investment of […]

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Orecchini indossati da Scareltt Johansson

The knots of Nikos Koulis

The new collection by Nikos Koulis is called Feelings and Scarlett Johansson has already worn it ♦ ︎ Nikos Koulis is perhaps the most famous Greek jewelry designer and, certainly, […]

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Bracciale della collezione Knot Light. Prezzo: 170 euro

Giulia Barela Knot Light

Giulia Barela’s light knots in a capsule collection. Images and prices ♦ You can dissolve the knots or hold tight, in case they seal something good. Feelings, for example. Or a […]

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Girocollo Contrarié in argento

De Vecchi silver design is back

The language of art and design, lives in the objects by De Vecchi 1935, silver historic brand, and speaks of mirrored surfaces, contrasts of light, new materials. Is true for […]

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Particolare dei nodi in argento

Ferragamo, a Node for man

For anyone who might have forgotten, Thursday, March 19th is the Father’s Day: agree, is not as celebrated as other occasions, and then, the brand Salvatore Ferragamo Jewels has decided […]

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Ferragamo, a Florentine romance

Ferragamo draws

Ferragamo celebrates Valentine’s Day with three animated web series: a couple dressed in red and black formal wear, that runs holding small gift boxes. Framed by the interlaced leather bracelets, […]

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Ferragamo, bracciale in caucciù nero

Ferragamo, nodo da polso

In arrivo la nuova collezione di bracciali easy firmata Salvatore Ferragamo Jewels. Il brand fiorentino, infatti, propone anche una linea di bijoux che, in coerenza con il resto della produzione, […]

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