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Pandora, bead da inserire sul bracciale

Pandora for Christmas

Pandora charms for Christmas dedicated to the myth of Mickey Mouse. Images and prices ♦ ︎ It seems that the marriage between Pandora and Walt Disney is a happy marriage. […]

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Mickey Mouse

Pandora between Minnie and Cinderella

The Pandora Disney collection arrives in 30 pieces. Here are pictures and price ♦ ︎ As anticipated by gioiellis.com, Disney’s inspired Pandora collection is now also available in Europe (in […]

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Charm Topolino e Minnie

Mickey Mouse is wearing Pandora

Mickey Mouse and Minnie wear Pandora bracelet now also in Europe thanks to the alliance with Disney ♦ ︎ Mickey and Minnie wear Pandora bracelets. They love wear this bijou […]

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Sarà come questo il bracciale Pandora dedicato a Minnie? Non è stato ancora presentato, però...

Minnie con i bracciali Pandora

Topolino regala a Minnie un bracciale Pandora. L’azienda danese ha annunciato una nuova collaborazione strategica con Walt Disney. In questo modo i gioielli Pandora saranno venduti nei Walt Disney World […]

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