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Orecchini ispirati all'antico Egitto nel VI-IV secolo

Buy jewels at Met

x In one of the most famous museums in the world, the Met in New York, you can choose from a wide assortment of bijoux ♦ Once, the interior store […]

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Fibbia in oro e pietre preziose

At the Met in New York the history of jewels

An exhibition at the Met in New York tells the history and art of jewelry ♦ ︎ Are you planning a trip to New York or, if you are lucky, […]

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Anelli storici della mostra

Antique rings in New York

The rings are one of the oldest and popular forms of ornament. These jewels have always been worn by both men and women, and not only for an aesthetic whim. […]

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Anelli a forma di viola del pensiero

Al Met farfalle e fiori di Jar

Un’occasione imperdibile per chi va a New York. Il Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) ha organizzato fino a marzo una mostra di oltre 400 opere del celebre designer di gioielli […]

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