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Orecchini Hasu giada

A lotus flower for Lebole

The lotus flower is only a set of petals for Westerners, but in the East it is deeply evocative, as Lebole Gioielli knows well. In love with Japan and its […]

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Anelli della collezione Loto

With Morellato the Lotus blossoms again

For Morellato, spring has the flavor of oriental fairy tales with the collection inspired by lotus flowers. Spring marks the rebirth of the natural world and the lotus, after all, […]

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L'anello record con 6690 diamanti

The record ring with 6690 diamonds

Here is the ring with more diamonds set: they are 6690 and entered the Guinness Book of Records ♦ ︎ Jewels are not just objects created for the pleasure of […]

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Charms Pandora in argento. Prezzo: 45 euro

Pandora with lotus flower

The lotus flower has inspired philosophers, poets, painters. But also many jewelers. Now to the list of admirers of these petals that smell of the East adds Pandora. The Danish […]

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