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Lola and Grace

Farewell to lolaandgrace

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Anello Milan Cross

Swarovski has decided to close within a year the brand lolaandgrace. Farewell to Lola and goodbye to Grace. Lolaandgrace, the trademark of the Swarovski group dedicated to a young audience and with collections of jewelry at low prices, would still have some months to live. The Austrian brand, as revealed by the British site Professional…

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17 something new for spring

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Calendar shows that it is spring time, even when the temperatures seem to say is winter. Fortunately, Mother Nature with her first flowers tries to recover, but waiting for the light breeze, the clear sky and the warmth of the season, why not help themselves with jewelry from spring colors with pastel hues such as…

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Swarovski punta su Lola and Grace

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lola and grace

[wzslider]Swarovski punta Lola and Grace, brand che vuole raggiungere una fascia di mercato nuova, più giovane rispetto al classico target di Swarovski. I bijoux Lola and Grace hanno infatti prezzi inferiori (tra 20 e 60 euro, mentre i classici Swarovski partono da 60 euro). «Lola and grace si rivolge a una ragazza ventenne, grintosa, con…

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