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Gioielli d'epoca a GenGèneve

5 questions before buying a vintage jewel 

Buying a ring, but also a necklace or a pair of earrings created many years ago, can be a bargain, and at the same time a pleasant research. There are […]

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Bulgari, anello Trombino con rubino burmese di 5,98 carati  non riscaldato. Uno dei gioielli più iconici della Maison: una grande pietra preziosa montata su un pavé di diamanti, e innalzata come su un trono

All about ruby

Rubies are one of the most loved gemstones for centuries and are the gem of the month of July. But few know its true characteristics. Here is a quick guide […]

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The duPont Emerald, anello con smeraldo colombiano di 9,11 carati

How to recognize the emeralds

The emerald is the stone linked to the month of May. It is one of the most precious stones, yet not everyone knows it thoroughly. Here are the essential things […]

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Anello con diamante taglio rotondo di circa 13,70 carati firmato Bulgari

Short guide to diamonds

Do you know how to distinguish diamonds? What are the four Cs? How are the diamonds evaluated? Here is a quick guide to solve any doubts about diamonds ♦ Diamonds […]

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Gismondi 1754, la collana della collezione Essenza indossata

Necklaces: the length you have to choose 

How to choose the length of a necklace? The right length depends on several factors, for example the shape of your body. Here is how to choose the right length […]

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How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring? We have asked several people, men and women. Apart from the style , the stone (the classic diamond) and the price , we must […]

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Diana Zhang, Un anno in Cina: Winter, indossato

How to choose a jewel with 9 step

Do not you know which jewel to choose? If you are unsure about which ring, necklace, earring or bracelet choose, read these nine tips: they will help you choose the […]

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Camilla con collana di perle e grande smeraldo

All about pearls

All about pearls: a quick guide with what you need to know about one of the most loved items in jewelry. They are also considered one of the gems (even […]

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Christina Debs, anello Bird indossato

How much money should you spend on a wedding ring

Do not you know how much is right to spend on an engagement ring? Read here ♦ How much do you have to spend on an engagement ring? It is […]

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Spilla-anello Art Deco con diamanti e zaffiri

How to choose a vintage jewel

How to choose a vintage jewel or antique? This quick guide helps you how to find the one that suits you. Do you like vintage jewelry? Or do you prefer […]

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Amrapali, collana in oro 18 carati, argento sterling, diamanti e perle

Silver, instructions for use

Some helpful advice on silver: what does the number 925, how to clean the jewelry, allergies. Silver has legions of fans: not only because the jewelry made with this metal […]

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Anello decisamente troppo stretto

How to remove the ring from the finger 

Here’s how to remove the ring that no longer comes out of your finger: watch the movie to discover this little trick ♦ The right system for removing a ring […]

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La Boutique Queriot, a Milano

Queriot, oro light ma con design

Oro accessibile? Potrebbe sembrare un ossimoro (e in italiano diventa un gioco di parole). Eppure i gioielli della Boutique Queriot realizzati con oro a 9 carati non hanno nulla da […]

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Le sorelle Paola e Consuelo nel laboratorio-negozio di via Gian Giacomo Mora

Le fiabe delle sorelle Aonie

È possibile vivere nel mondo delle favole? Le sorelle Paola e Consuelo Coti vi risponderanno di sì. Sono loro ad aver creato il brand Aonie. Nome che, appunto, è già […]

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