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Orecchini a forma di pizza in oro e diamanti

Graziela between cats and jewels

Jewelry and cats (but also dogs and much more) are the two precious loves of Brazilian designer Graziela Kaufman. You may love the jewelry and animals alike? Maybe. Graziela Kaufman, […]

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Spille gatto, con diamanti, perla e smalto

Jewels for the Cat’s Day

Jewels dedicated to the Cat’s Day, which is February 17th. For all tastes ♦ ︎ Maybe you do not know, but there’s a Day in February which, for many, is […]

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Diamante sintetico dopo il taglio e la lucidatura

Turn your husband (or dog) into a diamond

How about turning your dead dog or cat into a diamond? What if wuould be your husband or wife to leave you? A company proposes, for all of them, to […]

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Illustrazione per la collezione Dog & Kitty

Dogs, cats and Le Petit Story

Dogs, cats and many good feelings: these are the bijoux from the Dog & Kitty collection offered by Le Petit Story ♦ ︎ Emotions are more important than things. And […]

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Anello in argento e smalto

Put your dog or cat at your finger

If you love dogs or cats, perhaps you would like to have a ring with the shape of your best friend. It’s the idea of ​​Dog Fever and Cat Fever […]

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Illustrazione con bracciale gatto

Le Petit Story says miao

The bijoux of the brand Le Petit Story also serve to help dogs and cats ♦ ︎ You call them, if you want, emotions: on this wave line the Le […]

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Orecchini  mezza luna e gatto di Lebole  Gioielli

Gothic cat for Lebole

Also a cat and a half moon in the Romantic Gothic collection by Lebole Gioielli ♦ ︎ The dark side of the force has its own charm, let’s face it. […]

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