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Anello di Sicis in micromosaico indossato

The precious flower of Sicis

x A new high jewelery ring signed by Sicis. Those who know the brand from Ravenna (Italy) know that the specialty of the house are micro mosaics: tiny glass tiles […]

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Orecchini con diamanti e zaffiri

Lunati among stars and flowers

A long history under the stars: over 80 years have passed since Lunati was founded, a company from Valenza (Italy) that today offers, among others, the Starlight collection. Stars, in […]

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Anello in oro bianco e zaffiri

The flower of Barcelona Ramon

In Barcelona sparkles the centuries-old tradition of Ramon, who has also dedicated a collection to the Catalan city ♦ The family is now in the fifth generation: from the debut […]

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Bracciale con orologio segreto

Van Cleef & Arpels makes Frivole bloom again

Flowers, an object of irresistible inspiration for jewelers. Petals and stems are also the subject of one of the most famous collections of Van Cleef & Arpels: Frivole. They are […]

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Anello con fiore arcobaleno con diamanti gialli e bianchi by DiaColor

Flower power jewelry

Jewels and flowers: an eternal bond, but that each jeweler interprets in his own way. Here are the jewels of flower power ♦ The link between flowers and jewelry is […]

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Collana con elementi azzurri

The Fiore collection by Morellato

Spring collection for Morellato. The brand that offers accessible jewelry proposes the Fiore line, which accepts the inspiration of nature for necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the shape of rounds […]

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Pandora, bracciale e anello indossati

Pandora’s flowers

Flowers in spring, Pandora says, are the flag of the new season and renewal. Once the anguish of winter is over, with all its ordinary problems or, as in 2020, […]

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Orecchini Hasu giada

A lotus flower for Lebole

The lotus flower is only a set of petals for Westerners, but in the East it is deeply evocative, as Lebole Gioielli knows well. In love with Japan and its […]

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Collana con vaso, cordino in cuoio e pianta grassa

A planter as jewel

Do you really want to be green? Choose a jewel that is compatible with the environment. Indeed, wear a plant … ♦ Planter jewels for green thumbs by A Wearable […]

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Pendente con calcedonio rosa e diamante

Brumani blooms

The Manacà collection by the Brazilian brand Brumani. It is inspired by a Brazilian flower that alludes to … ♦ ︎ Brunfelsia is a genus of flowering plants of the […]

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Anello in titanio, oro rosa, zaffiro padparscha, spinello nero, zaffiro viola e arancio, petali naturali

Boucheron true flowers

Boucheron flowers from the Nature Triomphante collection: extraordinary high jewelery ♦ ︎ Despite the coexistence between flowers and jewels is difficult, continuing over time, almost like the one between Beyoncé […]

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Iris, anello realizzato a mano in oro 18 carati con diamanti bianchi, grigi e blu, acquamarina

Paolo Piovan, animals and flowers

New extraordinary jewelry signed by Paolo Piovan: in addition to the animals, here are the flowers ♦ ︎ Baroque shapes of animals that make each jewel a work of exceptional […]

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Vhernier, collana Calla in oro rosa

Vhernier celebrates 20 years of Calla

Vhernier celebrates 20 years of Calla, one of its most famous jewelery lines ♦ ︎ A flower that has not yet faded after 20 years. On the contrary, it promises […]

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Nina Zilli

Nina Zilli sings with Pasquale Bruni

Her style is vintage and Bon Ton, that’s why Nina Zilli has chosen the jewels by Pasquale Bruni for her performance at the Sanremo Festival? We are used to seeing […]

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Orecchini con perle. Prezzo: 455 euro

Yvone Christa in fiore

Collezione floreale da Yvone Christa NY, brand fondato da due svedesi trapiantate sul suolo americano. I fiori sono, infatti, il filo conduttore della nuova linea di gioielli. Come sempre, la […]

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Ilary Blasy crucianata

Boom dei braccialetti Cruciani

I braccialettini Cruciani finiscono sulle pagine del più prestigioso quotidiano finanziario del mondo: il «Wall Street Journal». I laccetti colorati in macramè, con piccoli ricami che formano cuori o fiori, […]

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Collezione Infinito

Comete Gioielli, estate all’Infinito

Simboli scaramantici, sacri, mentali: le collezioni Comete Gioielli puntano tutte sulla doppia lettura. Cioè, accanto all’intento decorativo, abbinano un secondo significato, quasi un messaggio da portare con sé. La collezione […]

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