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La composizione degli anelli in versione We

Marie Mas unisex wedding rings with U&I

Marie Mas Paris is an innovative jewelry brand, which has focused on a kinetic style. Her jewels, in fact, have moving parts and make the object also a game. But […]

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Fede nuziale in oro bianco e diamanti

The thousand sparkles of Henri Daussi

History and diamonds by Henri Daussi, a name and a guarantee like the city in which it was born, Antwerp ♦ ︎ In Antwerp, diamonds are like baguettes in Paris […]

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Solitario Jasmin di Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels shows Jasmin, new solitaire

An engagement ring or a wedding ring are the symbol of a promise that lasts over time: and it is this message that Van Cleef & Arpels entrusts to the […]

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Theodora, anello della collezione Shall We Dance

The 10 most loved rings

Which ring to choose? Each shape of this jewel has its own meaning and its own name. Read what are the 10 kind of rings most worn and what they […]

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Fede nuziale in oro

8 things to know about wedding ring 

Why is the wedding ring worn right on the ring finger (in many Western countries)? It’s a long, but interesting story. Here’s what you need to know about the wedding […]

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Maschietto in oro giallo, bianco e rosa corredato di distanziatore in oro e cordino. Altezza 1,90 cm · Larghezza 1,70 cm. Personalizzabile con l'incisione del nome o dell'iniziale.

Un giocattolo per LeBebé

LeBebé è il marchio di punta di Luce Bianca, l’azienda orafa di Marcianise (Napoli) che ha lanciato  la moda dei gioielli per bambini, con il nome che forma un pendente. Paolo Verde, responsabile […]

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