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Anelli Dn, in oro e diamanti

Wedding with a Dna ring

Rings inspired by the shape of DNA, the double helix that is the basis of life: it is the idea of the Japanese artist Takayas Mizuno ♦ A jeweler who […]

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Anello che lascia una parola impressa

Eight rings really strange

Ok, you bought the diamond ring, gold earrings, and even the right cuff. But if you are a couple full of fantasy you might need something more. We can do strange, […]

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Anelli della linea Charme, con pietre naturali e montatura in oro rosa

Volcanic Pesavento

Glossy like ceramic, but as hard as marble, it will be for this reason that the volcanic rock Kolong is increasingly popular with jewelers? Yes, provided that it is as […]

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