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Diamanti sintetici

In USA synthetic diamonds in the crosshairs

Synthetic diamonds against natural diamonds: in the US the Federal Trade Commission takes the field ♦ Synthetic diamonds, first alarms. A warning is issued by the Federal Trade Commission of […]

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Analisi di un diamante

New scale for artificial diamonds

Artificial diamonds classified as natural stones: the authoritative Hrd Antwerp has decided ♦ ︎ Hrd Antwerp has become today leading authority on diamond certification. In addition to Antwerp, this institution […]

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Anello in oro bianco e diamante di laboratorio

Synthetic diamonds against natural. Here’s who will win

The unstoppable spread of synthetic diamonds. It will lower the value of your natural diamonds? According to this analysis … ♦ ︎ Will the spread of synthetic diamonds compromise the […]

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