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The Enigma, diamante nero di di 555,55 carati

A huge black diamond from outer space is for sale

A giant black diamond. Extremely rare. A surprising child of nature. But also an enigma. And precisely this name, The Enigma, has been attributed to a huge gem weighing 555.55 […]

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La presentazione di Cypto Exchange Stockpoint

The market for crypto diamonds

Although it is winter, thrill-seekers are not lacking. And there is no shortage of diamond lovers (and it’s not just women). In fact, the most popular precious stones have long […]

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Il diamante The Key 10138 all'asta

The first 100-carat diamond for crypto at Sotheby’s

Sooner or later it had to happen: bitcoin and ethereum enter the world of great jewelry. Or, rather, they are now virtual currencies accepted in a super auction like the […]

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