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Anello in acciaio, ceramica e zirconi

Bering’s modular rings

Modular rings, which rotate, which become pastimes to move with your fingers: they are those of the Danish Bering ♦ The Danish brand Bering combines minimalist design with a strong […]

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Bliss, collezione #Mywords, lettere componibili

Word of Bliss

Bliss’s words are made up of silver bracelets and cubic zirconia stones ♦ ︎ A word is worth more than all the gold in the world. Maybe (depends on who’s […]

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Bracciale ispirazione Radici

X Jewellery, simple and custom made

The Danish Jewellery’s modular jewelery: bronze, silver but also special rubber ♦ ︎ You can wonder if William Shakespeare would write again Hamlet again, describing Denmark as a country of […]

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Swarovski Remix Collection

Swarovski combinations

Necklaces that can be combined in many Swarovski sets for autumn-winter 2017, pictures and prices ♦ ︎ Winter 2017-2018 is coming and brands are preparing for the great cold season, […]

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Il bracciale componibile dedicato al Brasile

Nomination in campo ai Mondiali

Febbre da Mondiali di calcio. Per chi ha già iniziato il conto alla rovescia per il torneo brasiliano, Nomination propone il Composable, bracciale dedicato ai campioni dello sport. Si tratta […]

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