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Anello con peridoto e diamanti di de Grisogono indossato da Serena Williams

All About Peridot

The characteristics of the peridot and the advice for choosing ♦ The peridot is all the rage. In addition to being the stone of the month of August, it is beloved […]

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Grandi orecchini  a cerchio ammorbidiscono il viso

How choose earrings

Each type of face must be paired with the right earrings. In this article we explain how to choose earrings and match them to the shape of your face ♦ […]

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Anello con diamante taglio a pera

Why choose a pear-shaped diamond ring

Do you want to buy a diamond ring? Consider the idea of ​​a diamond with pear cut. Here’s what to know before choosing a diamond with pear cut ♦ Usually the […]

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Diamante flawless da 102 carati venduto da Sotheby's

Diamonds: be careful to symmetry

Beware about symmetry: the cut of a diamond can enhance or make a less brilliant ring. Here’s how to find out. While you’re ready to invest part of your savings […]

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Il classico solitaire

Engagement ring: 5 steps

Five things you need to know first to buy an engagement ring ♦ ︎ When you’re sure you’ve found the right woman, the one you will not regret after a […]

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Picchiotti orecchini Pyramis

Choose the perfect earrings

The characteristics that must have the earrings to be perfect. Here’s how to choose the right earrings ♦ ︎ What are the most beautiful earrings in circulation? Obviously it is […]

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Jacob & co, anello cocktail

The 10 kind of the most popular rings

What ring choose? Each form has its own meaning and its own name. Read what are the 10 types of the most worn rings and what they symbolize. There are […]

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Piaget, anello Blue Ice in oro bianco 18K con 1 zaffiro blu taglio smeraldo dello Sri Lanka (circa 16,01 carati), 7 diamanti taglio baguette (circa 1,10 carati), 5 diamanti taglio princess (circa 0,15 carati), 7 diamanti taglio triangolare (circa 0,93 carati) e 208 diamanti taglio brillante (circa 5,79 carati). Creazione unica

All about sapphires 

Things to know about the sapphire, one of the most beloved precious gems, as well as stone of the month of September ♦ Sapphires have always been associated with romance […]

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De Beers, anello Forefer, oro bianco e diamante

Wedding rings, how to choose

Wedding rings, guide to choosing the wedding ring (and 15 ideas) ♦ Jewelry has always played a decisive role in relationships, not only from the frivolous point of view, as […]

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Anello con diamante ovale Type II taglio ovale

How to choose a diamond

The diamond is the stone linked to the month of April. How to choose a diamond or a jewel with stone? Here are 9 tips to avoid bad surprises ♦︎ For […]

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Collier di diamanti e rubini

Necklaces and dresses: how to choose

Long necklace, short, or half size? It depends. Here is a scheme that helps you choose the type and size of the necklace combined with the dress ♦ The measure […]

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Cate Blanchett con collana di Tiffany

Necklaces: the length you have to choose 

I ‘ll be fine? I ‘ll be hurt? Faced with a necklace must be able to choose from. Here is a small guide to choose the right size. First, look […]

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Suzanne Syz anello Power to the Flower, in oro e titanio, con uno smeraldo colombiano, cinque spinelli, diamanti taglio rose

How to choose a sapphire or an emerald

Useful tips to choose a sapphire or an emerald. First the origin and then … ♦ ︎ Let’s take the hypothesis that you have a few thousand euros or dollars […]

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How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring? We have asked several people, men and women. Apart from the style , the stone (the classic diamond) and the price , we must […]

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