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Anello antico del Kazakistan in argento e turchese

Pebble London, all and more

The paradise of bijoux in Great Britain is Pebble London. Here is what it offers ♦ ︎ If you like big jewelry, colorful, ethnic, strange, whimsical, showy, exotic, surprising, and […]

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Orecchini in acciaio dorato della My Lucky Collection

Lucky collection for Breil

The element of luck accompanies everyone’s life. Who knows if the new Breil collection, a brand launched years ago by Binda Italia, will really bring luck to the wearer. In […]

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Collana ricamata a mano con schegge di pirite

The jewelry of Tata Borello

The large, elaborate bijoux by Tata Borello, which seem to have come from a journey through time ♦ Tata Borello Officina Bijoux is about to turn 15 years old. Sign […]

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Catena dell'americana Ingemark

What is the Cuban link chain, the jewel of rappers

The rapper’s favorite jewel: the Cuban link chain. Large, robust, showy and unisex ♦ ︎ You may not know it, but Cuba is famous not only for cigars, rum (and […]

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Girocollo della collezione Rata

John Hardy’s new soft chains

In the language spoken in Bali, terms such as flat or smooth are translated as Rata. And it is the same word used for a type of chain, the typical […]

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Orecchini Diamonds Rain, a frange in oro bianco 18 carati e diamanti indossati by Tatiana Verstraeten

Jewelery with fringes and tassels.

They became fashionable thanks to the women who fought (having fun) for their freedom in the 1920s ♦ First the feathers appeared, then the fringes and tassels. The decorations that […]

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Collane di Evaness by Ri Noor indossate

From mother to daughter with Evaness by Ri Noor jewels

Ri Noor, a Texan jewelry brand founded in 2016 by Shibani Shinde Patil, launches Evaness by Ri Noor. The new brand is the son of the first in every sense: […]

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Collana sautoir in argento rosato

Three necklaces for Mabina

x Colored necklaces for spring 2021. Mabina, a Milanese jewelry brand at an affordable price, offers them. The necklaces are three, made of 925 rose silver, multicolored crystals and agate, […]

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Collana Carosa, in ottone dorato, testa in perla, gonna fantasia marrone

Le Carose, unusual South

In Italy, most of the jewelry brands are based in the North, or in Tuscany and in the area around Naples. But there are exceptions. Toco d’Encanto is a jewelery […]

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Collana con vetro di Murano, con foglia d'oro e foglia d'argento

The colors of Venice by Linea Italia

Not far from Venice, in Costabissara, Murano artisans bring elaborate glass beads which are transformed into jewels by Linea Italia, a company managed by the Loison family since 1986. Linea […]

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Sautoir in turchese di Van Cleef & Arpels

12 styles of necklaces you need to know

A short guide to the 12 main styles of necklaces to help you choose the right one. If you want to learn how to recognize the style of a necklace, […]

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Collana in oro, diamanti e inserti di ceramica viola

The jewels with the secret of Santo by Zani

She studied jewelry design at Bowdoin College, Maine, and after graduation trained in jewelry design with Cecilia Bauer, known for her classic jewelry making techniques. But then she worked in […]

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The raku jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli

The raku jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli

The raku jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli. Don’t you know what raku means? Well, read here ♦ Big and eye-catching, yet very light: these are the jewels by Francesca Trubbianelli, made […]

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Pendente per collana in oro giallo e smeraldi

Mariana Gorga on the myth wings

Wings, dogs, even fetuses: the world of the designer Mariana Gorga seems to fly with the imagination ♦ ︎ From Brazil to Italy, on the wings of mythology: it’s the […]

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Daniela Villegas, Wonderland

Daniela Villegas in Wonderland

The Wonderland necklace and other gemological fantasies by Daniela Villegas ♦ ︎ 18K yellow gold, amethyst, citrine, rondonite, fire opal, jade, azurite, kyanite, tourmaline, agate, aquamarine, opal, rhodochrosite, zircon, peridot, […]

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Collana in metallo con finitura rodio e cristalli Swarovski. Prezzo scontato del 50%: 74,50 euro

(Italiano) Swarovski in saldo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Collane da pancia di Jaquie Aiche

The new dreams of Jaquie Aiche

New-signed Jaquie Aiche collections: the California dreamer who cherishes freedom ♦ ︎ JaFormula and JaCrystals are among the novelties of Jaquie Aiche. But the novelties remain true to the creative […]

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Milan Unchained

Milan Unchained

Chains, chains, chains: 150 jewelry made with interlaced rings in the exhibition Scatenata (Unchained), in Milan. If you love jewelry made with chains, Homi has opened in Milan Scatenata (Unchained), […]

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Parure Fiori e farfalle.Collana, bracciale, orecchini e schiava realizzata in oro giallo 18KT. Farfalle e Fiori in oro e madre perla colorata

Scanavin for two

In the archipelago of Italian jewelry, with thousands of small islands scattered on the Peninsula, Scanavin is a typical case. It was founded in 1985 by Dario and Roberta Scanavin. […]

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Particolare della collana in crêpe de Chine

The Cucinelli consistent necklaces

Brunello Cucinelli brand is synonymous of cachemire wool , high quality, a humanistic enterprise. However, it is less known for its accessories, which were added to the line of garments made […]

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