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Pink phone with leBebé

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Ciondolo Minerva

The leBebé brand renews its partnership with the National Association of Pink Telephone Volunteers, which for more than thirty years has had the objective of defending the weakest part of society: the victims of violence. Telephone Rosa creates and promotes initiatives to combat all forms of abuse of women, boys and girls. A goal that…

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What is the lavaliere?

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Collana Lavallière in oro bianco, com diamanti, onice

Do you know what a lavalier necklace is? It is a typical element of jewelry and you may have sometimes worn it. Basically, a lavalier is … ♦ Things to know: if they ask you if you like a lavalier, sometimes also called a lavalier or lavalliere, know that it indicates a particular type of…

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Amen’s Charms

Collezione Charms di Amen

Charms: according to the dictionary it is any object that you dangle. In particular, a jewel, medal or other trinket that hangs from a chain or ribbon as an ornament. In short, the function of small objects that are added to bracelets or necklaces is well described and is also very popular. To the category…

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De’ Nobili, the Stars of Naples

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Orecchini Positano in oro rosa 9 carati, argento

The jewels inspired by the stars and to Positano by de ‘Nobili, Neapolitan jewelers ♦ Stardust in Naples. But it is not necessary to go to the top of Vesuvius to see the firmament shine: the stars are those of the collection signed by de Nobili, one of the most consolidated Maison in the city.…

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Taste of the sea with Villa Milano

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Ciondoli conchiglie di Villa Milano

Calypso, according to mythology, was a daughter of Atlas, capable of bewitching Ulysses for seven years. But also it’s the name of the musical genre of the African American culture of the Caribbean islands. And, now, it’s also a collection of Villa Milano, an Italian jewelry with a long history (it was founded in 1876).…

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A Pandora charm for Unicef

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Il charm di Pandora per Unicef

Jewelery and social solidarity initiatives: this time Pandora is launching an initiative in support of Unicef. This is the pendant called Light in the Dark, which is produced in a limited edition and continues the Charms for change initiative in support of Unicef. The pendant glows in the dark and was designed to represent a…

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Jewelery with hand shape

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Roberto Demeglio, anello Joy in oro e diamanti

Pendants and charms with shape of a hand. Do you want to know why you can wear hand-shaped jewelry and what does the symbol mean? ♦ ︎ The shape of the hand often occurs in jewelry, for example with pendants or pendants: this symbol is considered a lucky charm. But it doesn’t just mean that.…

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The Suonamore “I Mondi” is tinged with yellow gold

Ciondolo in argento placcato oro giallo

New jewels from leBebè, the brand founded in 2007 by Paolo, Fabrizio and Mariana Verde through the family company, Lucebianca. The brand has recently expanded the collection of the Suonamore I Mondi line. These are pendants that tinkle to accompany the growth of babies. The jewels have been enriched with the new yellow gold plated…

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Chantecler’s bells for Valentine’s Day

in ANELLI/vetrina
Orecchini Campanella medio in oro bianco 18 carati, diamanti e corallo rosso

The red color of coral is also the red color of love, the classic shade to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And coral is also one of the classic elements of Neapolitan jewelry. And Capri, the world-famous island that is located opposite the Italian city. Thus Chantecler, queen of Capri jewelry, for the feast of lovers uses…

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Margaret’s fairy tales

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello con spinello rosa e zaffiri rosa

The jewels of Margaret, from Geneva a fairy tale for adults who are homesick when they were little ♦ ︎ Between the fairy tale and the rock: for many women life should be full of imagination and, at the same time, marked by the rhythm of music. And there is a Maison, in Geneva, which…

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A new Lovetto by LeBebè

in COLLANE/vetrina
La collezione Lovetto

In autumn-winter 2021 the collection of Suonamore Lovetto by LeBebè expands. The brand founded by the brothers Paolo, Fabrizio and Mariana Verde, owners of Lucebianca and third generation of a historic Neapolitan family, presents a new rose gold finish which, as in the version in 925 silver only, is accompanied by a rolò chain with…

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Silver and tradition of Tane Mexico 1942

in Argento/bracciale/vetrina
Collana con i ciondoli della collezione Mexico Mi Amor

Love for Mexico of a Mexican jewelry company. Tane Mexico 1942 has 80 years of history behind it (it was founded in 1942). And she is extraordinarily proud of her country, rich in nature, history and culture. So it is not surprising that he launched the Mexico Mi Amor collection, which is made up of…

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Sporty Pandora for those who love the Olympics

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Charm racchetta tennis

Olympics fever affects everyone. Pandora suggests showing one’s sportsmanship with a series of charms that refer to as many sports. For example, the Scarpa Sneaker pendant charm, which is inspired by sportswear in general rather than a sport and has two colorless cubic zirconia stones set flush and a small heart on the soles. More…

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How to choose a pendant

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Collana indossata

A pendant at the end of the necklace, a beautiful pendant that attracts attention, is what it takes to enhance your body. But, beware: a pendant, or a pendant, must be chosen well. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect pendant, a pendant that complements your necklace and your appearance. Before choosing…

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Evolution with ibamboli

in vetrina
Cordoncini con ciondoli con cubic zirconia

There are jewels that are born as bijoux and almost become a status. Others that are born a little against the current and remain so, even if over the years they have been cloaked in rubies and diamonds. This is the case of the Milanese brand ibamboli, a name that has an understandable meaning in…

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LeBebé 2021 starts with 15 new products

in bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
I ciondoli con le sagome di bimba e bimbo con pavé di diamanti

The brothers Paolo, Fabrizio and Mariana Verde, owners of Lucebianca and the third generation of a historic Neapolitan family that started the business in 1948, have recently refocused the leBebé jewelry brand, born in 2007 and originally aimed at new mothers. The pendants in the stylized shape of a boy or a girl then became…

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Manuel Bozzi’s Italian rock

in ANELLI/Argento/
Bracciale in argento con smeraldi colombiani

Silver jewelry handcrafted with aggressive forms, vibrant, modern, which are loved by the rock singers: the author is Manuel Bozzi. Silver and rock, crafts skills and Tuscan verve, tattoos and jewelry: perhaps these are the ingredients that like to Millennials, as well as a number of the Italian show business personalities. The silver jewelry of…

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The signs of the zodiac in shoes with Rosato

in Argento/vetrina
Ciondolo scarpa acquario

Have you ever thought about which zodiac sign your shoes belong to? A bizarre question, isn’t it? Yet there are those who, like Rosato, a brand of the Bros Manifatture group, have asked themselves this question. Not only that: Rosato provided an answer. The Zodiaco collection is based around this concept. Rosato, in fact, has…

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Pandora amulets for autumn

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Bracciale placcato oro rosa con cristalli di zirconia cubica

The hand of Fatima, the horseshoe, the moon, the eye that protects against bad luck … These are all symbols widely used in jewelry, especially in the form of pendants. For fall 2020, Pandora also embraces this idea and proposes a series of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings that have these icons as their main…

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High jewelry with Chantecler Première47 bells

in vetrina
Campanella con coralli e diamanti

In Capri (island opposite Naples, Italy), in 1945, at the very end of the Second World War, the jeweler Pietro Capuano, aka Chantecler, donated a bronze bell to the American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a symbol of peace. Capuano was nicknamed by his friends Chantecler, the name of a lively rooster protagonist of the…

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