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Orecchini con perle di peridoto

All About Peridot

The characteristics of the peridot and the advice for choosing ♦ The peridot is all the rage. In addition to being the stone of the month of August, it is beloved […]

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Sylvie Corbelin, anello in oro giallo, argento, diamanti, rubini, pietra luna intagliata

Everything on the moon stone

The moonstone, so used for its pale shade, but little known by those who buy the jewels. Here is a quick guide to the moonstone, which is also considered stones […]

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Pianegonda, bracciale in galvanica black gun con cubic zirconia

Diamonds or cubic zirconia?

Buy a jewel with cubic zirconia, that is, with a synthetic stone that looks like a diamond? Here’s what you need to know about cubic zirconia which is actually … […]

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Seaman Schepps, collana in avventurina, giada e rubini

Let’s go to aventurine

Its name is aventurine, but it is not looking for adventures: it is a stone increasingly used by jewelers. Here are the characteristics of aventurine ♦ It’s called aventurine, but […]

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Il diamante The Mirror of Paradise, 52,58 carati, D Color, IF, venduto per 6,5 milioni

The 22 things you don’t know about diamonds

Diamonds, the most known and loved gemstone, hides many secrets: here are 22 of them you need to know ♦ ︎ You know that diamond is the hardest material that […]

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Naomi Sarna, anello in oro con citrino intagliato a mano e zaffiri rosa

All About Citrine

If you like colored stones, you certainly love citrine. It is one of the most fashionable stones and, not least, among the most cheerful. Here’s all you need to know […]

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Chopard, Fiori d’Opali, anello con opale nero di 20 carati con pistilli di diamanti montati su oro bianco rodiato nero e petali cesellati in titanio colorato di striature blu e gambo con tasavoriti verdi, lazuliti e diamanti brown

All about opal

Opal is a stone used in jewelery that is back in great fashion. Find out what are the characteristics of the opal and why it is a must among your […]

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Anello in alluminio, oro bianco e tsavorite

Everything about tsavorite

The tsavorite is already more 50 years old: it was discovered in 1967. The story of the tsavorite is very adventurous, and it also includes a murder ♦ ︎ History. […]

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Yoko London, orecchini con perle di Tahiti e diamanti

50 shades of gray pearl 

The precious black pearls: have you heard of them? Read how to recognize them and how much they are worth ♦ To indicate something of value is said to be […]

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Jules Kim, anello con topazio blu e labradorite

Everything about labradorite

Can you recognize the labradorite? Yet it is a very used stone for bijoux and jewelry. Here’s what you need to know about labradorite ♦ When they ask you if […]

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Wendy Brandes, orecchino in platino e diamanti

All about Platinum

All you should know before buying a jewelry made with platinum. Gold or platinum? When you buy a ring, or more rarely, earrings or necklace, you can often choose between […]

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Un anello format Harry Winston e disegnato per Lisa Christiansen.  
Un grande diamante con zaffiri e Moissanite

Diamonds: are better originals or fake?

There are stones that look like diamonds, so much so that it is difficult to distinguish. For example, the moissanite. It could be an interesting choice, but before you must […]

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Anello in oro rosa e csarite

The rare stone that nobody knows: the csarite

A fascinating stone, but rare and little known: the csarite or zultanite. It costs like an emerald and can change color ♦ ︎ It is called zultanite or csarite and […]

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Lavoro di lucidatura del diamante The Graff Vendome

Why the diamonds are to be looked at in the sun?

One third of the diamonds have fluorescence among the characteristics. Here’s how to recognize it ♦ ︎ When you buy a jewel with diamond, for example a ring, you should […]

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