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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati, zaffiri multicolori, tsavorite

Gigi Ferranti in Portofino

Gina Ferranti, an American designer who founded the Gigi Ferranti brand in Brooklyn, New York, has Italian origins. Which she has not forgotten. For this reason, inspired by the land […]

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Choker di Martine Ali

Martine Ali, Brooklyn Hip-Hop

Martine Ali, from hip-hop style jewels to fashion shows from Brooklyn ♦ ︎ New York is trendy, New York is the center of the world, New York does not turn […]

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Il distributore automatico installato nel Brooklyn Museum

A vending machine for jewelry

Silver and gold jewelery sold with a vending machine. Here’s where ♦ ︎ Take a break to have a coffee, a snack and buy a necklace. But only if you […]

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Michelle Fantaci, charms per Gemfields

Michelle Fantaci for Gemfields

From New York, the little jewelery collectibles by Michelle Fantaci, now also for Gemfields ♦ ︎ Michelle Fantaci was chosen by Gemfields, together with 16 other designers, to create a […]

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