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Belle Èpoque

Damiani’s Belle Epoque is on Valentine’s Day

Anelli in oro bianco con diamanti, zaffiri, rubini, smeraldi

Each love story marks an era in one’s life. Or, more precisely, in the life of two people. When passion involves, the protagonists hope that their era, the one they are experiencing, will last a long time. And if, by chance, the story ends, they will remember that precious era with nostalgia. In short, timing…

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Belle Époque collection by Damiani is renewed

Orecchini a forma di cuore in oro bianco e diamanti

Belle Époque is the name of a historic Damiani collection. But it is also the name of a period in French and European history, usually dated between 1880 and the outbreak of the First World War, in 1914. The era of the French Third Republic was a period characterized by optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity,…

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Romantic Stone Paris

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello in oro giallo e diamanti

The romantic jewelry of the French with Polish origin Marie Poniatowski, founder of Stone Paris. Stone Paris: a name that does not leave space to guess what is the city in which it is located (it is on the rue des Saints-Peres, Latin Quarter). The imagination, however, don’t is missed to its creator, Marie Poniatowski.…

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Damiani returns to the Belle Époque

in bracciale/vetrina
Bracciale a forma di cuore in oro rosa, diamanti

New bracelets from the Belle Époque collection by Damiani: the three gold colors plus diamonds, rubies or sapphires ♦ ︎ The Belle Époque continues. Not the historical one, of course, which includes the years between the end of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, but the one that gives its name to the…

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How much are your vintage jewels worth?

in da sapere
Collana vittoriana in turchese a forma di serpente

According to the British auction house Bonhams, the historical jewels were revalued more than any other good. But people do not know it ♦ Investing in jewelry, if as long as you keep them long, it can be a bargain. It’s the analysis done time ago by British auction house Bonhams. According to an research of…

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Rahul Kadakia, the guru of the jewels

in news
Rahul Kadakia con una selezione di gioielli appartenuti a Elizabeth Taylor venduti in una speciale asta organizzata da Christie’s nel 2011, che ha messo a segno un record di 116 milioni di dollari

The numbers to eight digits achieved in jewelry auctions are no longer an exception: «A decade ago, you’d only hear these numbers in pictures sales; a Picasso sold for $10 million, a Van Gogh for $20 million», says Rahul Kadakia, international director of Christie’s jewelry department, in an interview with the American magazine Robb Report.…

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I gioielli dei principi da Christie’s

in news

[wzslider]L’asta di Christie’s del 28 maggio rappresenta ciò che dovrebbe avrebbe dovuto contenere il portagioie di una donna chic della Parigi aristocratica nella Bella Èpoque: almeno due collane di perle, due anelli con diamanti, rubini e zaffiri, un sutoir di piccoli diamanti montati su platino, orecchini di perle e diamanti, tre spille e un braccialetto,…

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