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Anello Arès in oro bianco, diamanti colorati e bianchi

Manalys, fantasy in power

Animalier jewelry, but not only: in Brussels the Maison Manalys offers a choice of first quality ♦ ︎ She was born in 2009, but in a city that is not […]

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Anello in oro giallo 14 carati con tormalina watermelon e diamanti

Celine Daoust, sensitive heart of stone

Watermelon tourmalines, suns and gray diamonds: the simple but captivating design of Celine Daoust ♦ ︎ Belgian Pride, Indian sensibility, New Age spirituality: you can find the synthesis in a  designer, […]

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Anelli in oro rosa e diamanti brown

Diamonds are called Bloch

Little is known about the Bloch family of Antwerp. Yet from 46 years Bloch was one of the most popular jewelers in Belgium, but with a wide range of export […]

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Collana in oro, collezione Formula X

Do the math with Hermien Cassiers

The jewels of the Belgian designer Hermien Cassiers: are the result of complicated mathematical calculations. Experimenting is not a sin. And sometimes the gamble, exploring unfamiliar roads, leads to surprising […]

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Orecchino della collezione Distrito Federal II in oro bianco, diamanti tormalina verde

You and Kim Hye Mee

The modern and reversible rings of Belgian designer Kimy Gringoire Lejeune and her brand Kim Hye Mee ♦ She is named Kimy Gringoire Lejeune and she founded the brand Kim […]

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A sinistra, Marc Descheemaecker, direttore di Hrd. Al centro, il ministro belga Geert-Bourgeois. A destra, Guido Damiani

Damiani is certified in Belgium

Damiani and diamonds have in common the first letter, and it is no coincidence. Now, then, the combination is even closer: the group of Valenza and HRD Antwerp have agreed […]

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Collana armatura con una doppia fila di barre di metallo circondato in oro bianco placcato, chiusura a levetta posteriore. Prezzo: 1.172 euro

In paradiso con Heaven Tanudiredja

Spazio alla tendenza, all’innovazione, alla fantasia. Heaven Tanudiredja è un fashion designer indonesiano che vive e lavora ad Anversa, in Belgio. È noto per i suoi gioielli scultorei, anche se […]

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