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Coppa McDonald's

Not just hamburgers: McDonald’s sells a jewel in gold, diamonds and emeralds

Not all jewels are to be worn: some, such as the one proposed by McDonald’s, are to be used when sitting at the table. The largest American fast food chain, […]

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Collezione Anniversary100

Antonini, birthday Cento100

Antonini’s secular birthday celebrated with the Cento100 collection in gold and diamonds ♦ ︎ To have a hundred years and not to feel them. The recipe for longevity is simple: […]

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Orecchini Mezzaluna Collection in oro bianco rodiato nero e diamanti

Mezzaluna celebrates 20 years

Earrings, ring and necklace in white rhodium-plated black gold in a limited series to celebrate 20 years of the Mezzaluna collection by Al Coro ♦ ︎ What is the best […]

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Picchiotti, platinum ring, diamond oval cut natural color fancy intense yellow SI1, 10,10 carati

Three precious yellow for Picchiotti

Among the rings destined for engagement, marriage or anniversary by Picchiotti, emerge three exceptional diamonds fancy yellow ♦ ︎ Love does not want compromises. Especially for those who can afford […]

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Recarlo, Veretta Anniversary

Recarlo, Veretta tailored for the Anniversary

The Veretta Anniversary by Recarlo to seal the passion of love. Also custom-made ♦ ︎ Marriage or engagement do not exist without a ring. If, then, the ring is able […]

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Recarlo, anello Anniversary

Express ring with Recarlo

With the renewed Anniversary collection, Recarlo invents the express ring, made to measure in 24 hours ♦ ︎ Among the many innovations of Recarlo for the spring of 2018 there […]

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Pendenti della collezione Le Gioie

The Bliss’s celebrations

Jewelery for the great occasions, such as Mother’s Day or others celebrations, by Bliss. Images and price ♦ Mother’s Day, wedding anniversary, religious celebrations … They are all occasions where, often, […]

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Anello trilogy in oro bianco e rosa

Isabella marries Recarlo

The collection Isabella by Recarlo: diamond rings for engagement, wedding or anniversary, pendant and earrings ♦ Isabella marries Recarlo. But it’s not a young promise of marriage. Isabella is the name […]

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Fabiani Gioiellerie sul web

Fabiani Gioiellerie sul web

Fabiani Gioiellerie, azienda orafa toscana presente sul mercato italiano dal 1963, sceglie di debuttare sul web in occasione del 50esimo anniversario. Nasce così www.fabianigioiellerie.com, negozio virtuale che offre l’intera gamma […]

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