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Anello Arès in oro bianco, diamanti colorati e bianchi

Manalys, fantasy in power

Animalier jewelry, but not only: in Brussels the Maison Manalys offers a choice of first quality ♦ ︎ She was born in 2009, but in a city that is not […]

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Spilla di Fabergé con diamanti, zaffiri rosa e tormalina

Jewels, bestial passion

Do you like animals? Do you have a dog or a cat? It’s one more reason to keep an eye on animalier jewelry, inspired by the world of animals ♦ […]

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Van Cleef & Arpels, clip Pesce in oro bianco, con diamanti cabochon e zaffiri neri, onice

The jewelry of sea

The jewels inspired by the sea: perfect to be worn in August, but even better in the other months of the year ♦ The month of August, in the northern […]

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Iris, anello realizzato a mano in oro 18 carati con diamanti bianchi, grigi e blu, acquamarina

Paolo Piovan, animals and flowers

New extraordinary jewelry signed by Paolo Piovan: in addition to the animals, here are the flowers ♦ ︎ Baroque shapes of animals that make each jewel a work of exceptional […]

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Gold Seal Ring, with diamonds and sapphires

On Noah’s Ark with Roberto Coin

The Animalier world of Roberto Coin is extended: from the dog to the octopus, here are the new rings and bracelets ♦ ︎ The animal world has a special charm […]

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Spille uccelli amazzonici, diamanti, smalto e rubini

The Ark of Van Cleef & Arpels

Bob Wilson salt, with an exhibition, on the Ark of Van Cleef & Arpels. It’s called Arche de Noe (Noah’s Ark), but you could also call the Bob’s Ark (Wilson). […]

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Ring in rose and black gold with diamonds, orange, blue, pink and yellow sapphires, natural green garnet and rubies

Animals (unpublished) of Coin

He, Roberto Coin, everyone knows him: it is the most famous Italian jewelery between New York and Los Angeles. His pieces are admired by Hollywood actresses and Manhattan models. No […]

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Collezione Zebra,  orecchini corti in argento. Prezzo: 120 euro

Raspini animalier

Zebra and Cocco: also for this spring summer 2015 Giovanni Raspini remains faithful to tradition and launches two animalier themes. With a surprise: if the zoo of the Tuscan silversmith […]

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Roberto Coin

Interview / Roberto Coin: all of me

He calls himself a businessman lover of beauty: Roberto Coin has arrived at jewelry for a hobby, having achieved success hotel business as a partner and manager of the Duke […]

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Jessica Kahawaty, testimonial del brand Roberto Coin

Coin-Kahawaty, matrimonio a Roma

I gioielli di Roberto Coin si ispirano spesso all’antica Roma e alla natura, due temi amati dal designer italiano. Che ora rilancia in Italia le nuove combinazioni di colori le […]

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